8 Best Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Income This Coming Christmas

 The holidays are approaching, and this means you need to be financially prepared to celebrate the holidays. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and think of ways you can get some income on the side to help supplement your Christmas spending habit.

Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Income This Coming Christmas

Many ideas come to mind that are most relevant during the Christmas season that you can try.

However, for it to be a success, it’s crucial to get the right timing and products. You might also need to connect with a reliable third-party logistics company. This is to ensure that your Christmas-relevant products get to customers in time.

With that said, here are eight of the best online business ideas that will help make you some extra income this coming Christmas.

Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Income This Coming Christmas


Christmas ornaments are an excellent product to start selling right before the Christmas season is about to begin. Of course, once Christmas rolls around, there will be more interest in it.

However, you want to start selling them before the Christmas season, especially for early shoppers, so that you can get them as well.

You can get all sorts of Christmas ornaments in your shop. You can get Christmas balls, wreaths, Christmas socks, and so on.

You can make these ornaments yourself if you know how to or get your supplies from somewhere else, and you do the selling. Either way, these are an excellent product to start selling and advertising the closer Christmas comes.


If you’re a crafty type of person, you can also sell handcrafted items and package or market them as a gift.

Adding that unique addition or branding it as a gift is an excellent way for people to consider getting your handcrafted items. Your handmade items can range from all sorts of things, depending on what you know how to make.

Some people knit sweaters or blankets, while others create baked goods and decorate Christmas-themed boxes.

The key here is marketing and, of course, your handcrafting skills. If you like creating things with your hands, you might want to consider selling some of your homemade goodies online.

Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Income This Coming Christmas


If you’re the type of person who enjoys or is skillful in decorating, you can also set up a decoration service.

Many people want to decorate their homes, but they might not have the time to set everything up for the holiday season. That’s why a decoration service might be what they need to help them.

Of course, you have to be clear on the terms of whether they provide the decor or you do. That way, there aren’t any issues when the time comes for you to start decorating their home.

You can set up a social media account for your business and then advertise online for your decoration service. You can post photos of what you did for previous clients to help attract other clients.

Both private homeowners and businesses would want this service, so there is an audience for this.


Another service that you can provide this holiday season is a catering service. If you don’t need nor want to spend time celebrating on Christmas, you can charge a premium for your catering service on Christmas day itself.

However, even if you don’t open up your Christmas day slot or the day before and after Christmas, it can still be a pretty profitable business.

You can even make or tweak your menu to incorporate more Christmas or holiday-themed food. This is to drive home the Christmas catering service.

Many families will not want to spend the time setting up and making food when they should be enjoying the holidays. That’s why a catering service can be quite profitable during Christmas.


Another excellent product idea is gift baskets.

Many people might not have had the time to think up gift ideas for their friends and families. Therefore, when you provide them with a set gift basket that they can give, it becomes a lot easier for them to cross off gifts for people on their list.

You can even set up different gift baskets depending on your customers’ budget—the more they pay, the more items they have in their gift basket. You can even include add-ons for a card and other decorations for gift-giving purposes.

Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Income This Coming Christmas


Many people would want to move around or travel during Christmas to change things up once in a while. Therefore, if you have an extra property or even a spare room, you can rent it out for the season.

You can even decorate it if the potential customer wants it. You can accentuate that you are renting it out for holiday travelers on your ads and marketing paraphernalia.

Renting out parts of your home or a house will give you a considerable income, making it worth pursuing.


If you’re a creative or artistic type of person who is excellent at illustrations, you can also start creating a card-making business. You can either create a set of previously designed cards to sell or get clients who want personalized cards. Either way, you can get a pretty good business out of your Christmas cards.


Flower arrangements are underrated, but they make such a good gift and decoration in people’s houses. That’s why if you’re passionate about flowers and you know a supplier, you can offer flower arrangements to potential clients.

Again, you can also use Christmas-themed flowers for this purpose. You can even offer discounts the more flower arrangements that a customer asks from you.

You can also include other unique offers such as changing the container of the flowers to a lovely vase or basket, and so on.

There are so many creative ways you can make this work for you, depending on your angle.

Online Business Ideas to Make Extra Income This Coming Christmas

There are plenty of online business opportunities for people who want to get a side hustle going. For one, you can create an online store where you can sell seasonal products. Another option is to turn your hobby or skill into a business. That way, you can make a profit that you can use this coming holiday season.

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