5 Incredible Ways To Experience The UAE

The UAE is known for its luxury and excess – after all; it is home to the Burj Khalifa, aka the tallest building in the world. Although many of the UAE’s cities come from humble beginnings, they are now luxe spots filling all of the world’s most passionate travelers with wanderlust. As the cities of the UAE prove to be exotic locations, especially for westerners, it can be challenging to know where to start. 

To make your next adventure to the UAE truly special, you need to add these experiences to your list. 

#1 Surfing

Adrenaline-seeking tourists may not initially consider the UAE as a hotspot for surfing, but some locations throughout the Emirates have a growing surf scene. Dubai is known as the business hub of the UAE, but it is also home to many miles of coastline. When the conditions are just right, ample waves roll through the Persian Gulf and right onto the dazzling white sands of the coast. 

The city of Dubai created a man-made system of islands called Palm Islands to create more opportunities for surfing and other beach-related activities. Once surfers are finished riding the waves, they can power up at one of the many surf cafes offering familiar beachside treats like smoothies and acai bowls.  

#2 Explore The Desert 

Few people live in a place where they can explore the striking landscapes and wildlife of the desert. In the UAE, there are many ways to discover the wonders of this uncommon terrain. Whether travelers prefer to bond with the desert over horseback, motorcycle, camel-back, or SUV, there is a way to explore however you’d like. 

The Arabian desert covers 900,000 square miles of land, providing plenty of room to explore. After spending a few hours discovering the dunes, they can find even more of an experience at a traditional Bedouin camp far into the desert. Here they can even check out unique vendors offering henna, dances, and music. 

Incredible Ways To Experience The UAE

#3 Don’t Skip The Souk

Who doesn’t love combining food, history, and culture? Spice souks throughout the Emirates create beautiful marketplaces filled with food, goods, spices, and other fun finds. These colorful markets are renowned for their superior spices. An easy way to ensure you purchase the best food and produce is by watching locals and seeing how they shop. 

These markets offer plenty of fresh food and a spice variety that comes second to none. The best part about the souk is that the prices are simply a suggestion – feel free to bargain a bit! Also, keep an eye out for native teas, incense, and textiles. 

#4 Experience World-Class Art

Abu Dhabi continues to establish itself as one of the most incredible Emirates for travelers to visit. Not only is it adding more skyscrapers to its skyline, but art lovers can find a welcome vacation spot here, as well. In 2017, Abu Dhabi opened a $1 billion art museum – the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Here, visitors can check out Leonard Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, better known as the most expensive work of art ever sold at an auction. 

#5 Explore The Emirates In Style 

It won’t be long before you realize that the UAE is dripping with luxury cars. Whichever Emirate you choose as your destination, you are sure to see plenty of Mercedes, Bentleys, and other fine luxury vehicles. Luckily, you don’t have to fork over your life’s savings to fit it and buy your own. Instead, travelers can use luxury car rental in Dubai. There is no doubt that riding around in a Red Ford Mustang or one of these cars will make you feel like a local.

Incredible Ways To Experience The UAE

Add these experiences to your trip to the UAE as it is a truly magnificent place with so much to see and do. Enjoy your visit.

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