Important Things That You Need To Do Before Moving

Important Things That You Need To Do Before Moving

Let’s admit it, moving is stressful. We’re living in the information age, where it’s much easier to do something since information is a few clicks away. With the right information, even the complicated moving house process can be turned into a stress-free experience. You can make your move easy by being 100% prepared for what to expect from it. You also need to understand what you can do to keep your relocation as seamless as possible. By planning your relocation ahead of time, you can significantly reduce the hassle of moving into a new home. That said, here’s a checklist to help with your pre-planning before making the big move.

Important Things That You Need To Do Before Moving

The Big Dilemma: Self-Move or a Professional Mover?

Self-moving is a risky business. You’re putting your household items at risk of getting damaged. The best way out of such a situation is to hire a reputable mover. Most people believe that using professional movers is an expensive option, but this isn’t the case. Many like to view this Ottawa moving company when moving to Ontario so as to ensure a smooth move and minimum damage, if any.

A professional mover starts by assessing your local moving checklist to ensure they can handle your household items. This way, both you and the company can agree on the final cost of services. What’s more, professional movers come insured so that you know your possessions are in good hands.

2. Prepare Your Kids

If you have kids, you need to make sure that they’re ready to move and handle the change. If your children are unhappy with the move or are throwing tantrums, your headache increases tenfold. To prevent this, prepare them early on by having an open and honest conversation. Please include them in the discussion and channel their energy into making good memories of your old home. Also, start looking for schools in your new areas as soon as you can.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

You don’t want to carry unnecessary items that will increase the size of your cargo. Such unnecessary items can also inflate the moving cost if you’re working with a professional mover. Discard unwanted possessions such as outgrown clothes, toys, shoes, books, etc. You also want to do away with equipment that no one will use anymore. Getting rid of these items saves you time and effort. It also makes your relocation cheaper and more straightforward. You can sell those unneeded possessions that are still of good quality, or you can also donate them.

4. Save Some Cash for any Emergencies

Before relocating, you need to understand that moving house isn’t a cheap affair. A report from AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) shows that the average cost of an interstate move is about $4,300 for a distance of about 1,225 miles. These aren’t figures you want to ignore. Consider looking for ways to save money when moving between two places. Additionally, have some cash set aside to handle any emergency that may arise. Avoid using money from your savings kitty, and instead, start saving little by little before the big day.

Important Things That You Need To Do Before Moving

5. Have an Essentials Box

Most people arrive at their new homes and realize that something they need is in a box they’re not sure of. After all the planning, packing, and lifting you have done, the last thing you want is to search through your boxes to find essentials such as toilet paper. This can be exhausting, even if you have some experience moving houses. Have a separate box where you can pack anything you may need urgently. Some examples are toiletries, bedding, or food items.

6. Redirect the Mail

Ensure you inform all relevant people about your change of address. However, there will be times when your mail will still make it to your old home. For instance, you may miss a flower subscription or two. Instead of relying on your family or the new owner at your former home, have the mail redirected. This means you won’t miss any crucial documents such as payments or bank cards.

7. Cancel Subscriptions

Get in contact with your service providers and have the utilities in your old home disconnected. This can happen a day or two after you move. Additionally, cancel your home phone, internet, cable, newspaper services (if any), and any memberships you might have in organizations or local clubs. Also, make arrangements to have gas, water, and electricity at your new house running on move-in day.

There you have it! The ultimate checklist of what you need to do before moving. Remember to say goodbye to your friends and your favorite joints in town, such as restaurants and bakery stores. Moving can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep everything simple, and hire professional movers if you cannot handle everything all at once. Have a happy move and a happy stay in your new residence!

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