How to Travel Light, yet In Style!

How to Travel Light

If you think people who have the means to travel regularly, take their wardrobe with them when they leave for a few days, you either watch too many episodes of The Kardashians or you need to start traveling more yourself. The truth is, those who enjoy the pleasures of discovering new cities, usually prefer to travel light. But that doesn’t mean they sacrifice style or elegance in the process. Here are a few tips on how to become a professional packer!

  1. Carry what you need

Most heavy travelers (as in: always on the road) understand that there is only one way to see the world and that is by carrying as little as possible, from one point to the other. Those who practice this wonderful activity as a couple, usually have only one of the two, placing every item, in the small roll-on luggage, each one will carry. That is because packing is an art. People who don’t do it regularly will end up bringing half of what they could, and a good part of what they actually take with them will end up being useless. Someone who has been doing this for a while will make miracles, including fitting in that second Bottega Veneta dress, that she knows she can’t live without when heading to a warm destination.

First, you need to prepare the trip precisely as to what you plan to wear each day. While visiting, you don’t need to change pants every day, so take two tops that will fit with the pair you choose. You’ve just gained yourself some space. Then, while making your choice, make sure that you only need one pair of walking shoes and one for the evening. It means, that whatever you will wear will have to adjust to the colour and the style of the footwear you bring. If the stay is longer, then, always make sure that no matter how many pair you bring, the shoes can be worn at least twice (on three occasions would be pushing it a little too far).

Don’t forget one thing: You will most probably end-up passing in front of a cute boutique, where you will simply have to get that beautiful outfit. It can be worn while you are there, but you’ll also need a little space to take it back with you!

  1. Roll” with it

Folding isn’t the way to go, when you are trying to save space inside a luggage. You have to roll everything. Clothes designers, today, know that people want their shirts and pants to be worn immediately out of the luggage. And so, they often use materials that permits such a use. When you buy new clothes, keep that in mind. If you can unroll it and put it on you: It is a definite plus for people who travel.

Rolling shirts, dresses, pants and everything else in textiles will enable you to gain an incredible amount of space. In fact, the first time you do so, you will probably find yourself with some still available, wondering how that is even possible! By sharing luggage (again, if you travel in pair), you will also maximize your fitting capacity. Although it is better to keep as many elements from each individual separately, you may find that placing all the shoes in one and the toiletry in the other, simply makes sense. And also, let’s face it, it will provide a little more space for “her,” which she may need for that make-up case or that special lingerie set…

  1. Wear what you have to while traveling

A men’s suit takes an awful lot of space inside a suitcase. Those who don’t mind traveling in one should definitely do so. And for the others, you should at least try it. An elegant man is always at the top of his game, no matter where he is. Therefore, not only will it be practical, but it can also benefit you, as you meet other travelers. It will also enable you to wear the heaviest shoes, which are the ones needed for the evening, as well.

Women often carry a jacket with them, in case it gets cold in the evening. That jacket needs to board the plane with you. There is no space for it in your luggage, and anyway, you will probably feel cold inside the plane, so you can wear it too. Put on the heaviest jewelry you bring with you on the trip. Hide it under your shirt, if you don’t want it to be seen (travelling with a Van Cleef & Arpels around your neck may not be the best idea, according to your destination) or if it doesn’t fit the dress you wear. Although it won’t save you so much space, it will however lighten the load, which is another element you will need to take in consideration, while preparing the luggage, as there is always a maximum of weight you can carry.

Yes, it is complicated to travel light. But once you have it down to an art, you will enjoy your holidays so much more.

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