How to Survive Without Owning a Car

Car sharing Phoenix services are slowly becoming the latest trend in the auto industry. Most people, especially the young, are showing little or no interest in purchasing a car. Several signs show this, like the few young people trying to get licenses after attaining the required age and many youths postponing purchasing their first car in the future.

Doing without vehicle ownership saves you the stress of paying for your vehicle registration bills, insurance payments, and other car payments that come with owning a car, like maintenance services. Below are some ways you can survive without owning a vehicle:

How to Survive Without Owning a Car

Taking mass transport

If you reside in an urbanized region, public means of travel are available. The means could be a train, bus, taxi or ferry services. The price of mass transport is rising: it, however, helps you to save some money by buying a seasonal, monthly or annual pass.


Getting a bike will serve the purpose you need when you have wheels. When you cannot fully survive without movement, you can maximize the use of a motorcycle or bicycle. This is ideal if you live near your workplace or school. The motorcycle will help you with covering much longer distances.

Use a taxi

Riding in a taxi can be costly, but is more affordable than car ownership. Some taxi firms allow you to take a break or offer discounts if you accept sharing the rides with other clients or using the services frequently.

Renting a vehicle

The need for a vehicle for a short duration leads you to car renting services in some scenarios. The services are cheaper than car ownership if the intended use is for a short period. 

Car sharing programs

Organizing car-sharing programs are highly recommended for people with a reduced need to use a car. If you have a few errands to run using a car, you do not necessarily have to own one: you can opt for car-sharing services instead. The demand for the services is on a steady rise due to the convenience it brings about. Using the car-sharing program makes you incur some costs for the hourly use of the vehicle. This is an ideal solution and alternative for people who have minimal commuting needs.

Maintaining a vehicle entails having a budget for the car expenses. Not every cost is saved or avoided without buying or owning a vehicle: the majority of the headaches and hassles associated with maintaining, parking, and the overall car ownership bills are avoided.

How do you find the available options for car-sharing services? 

There are various channels to acquire information about car-sharing companies. It is advisable to go for reliable sources of the firms’ details to enjoy the program’s benefits. Some of the ways you can use to acquire information include:

Asking around

Car-sharing services are becoming common in the modern world. It is therefore easy to find relatives, friends, and coworkers that are enrolled in the program. Ask for advice from such people regarding the car-sharing companies available near you. People close to you will give you an honest opinion that will guide you in choosing the best car-sharing program.

Search the web

The web is a great tool for getting information from people. Find out the car-sharing firms in your local area through a quick search on the internet. Type ‘car-sharing companies near me’ for more details on the firms available.

Not each person requires a vehicle: some can hardly live without using a car. The majority of people who travel to parts where public transport cannot assist in the trip to visit relatives, go shopping, attend a school or get to the workplace need to have an alternative.

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