Tips to Start Living in the Present

If one desires to live in the present moment, then they must become consciously aware of the here and now. To live in the present means to let go of the minute before and the minute that arrives next. One who learns to live in the present moment fully understands that tomorrow is not a guarantee. When you start to think in this way, live gets a lot easier for you to handle and you start to appreciate this moment more than you ever had before.

Go with Your Initial Thoughts – stop fearing what judgement will occur if you go with your initial thoughts and feelings in this moment. You are entitled to fully love or fully hate this one present moment, because remember this moment passes quickly. Your feelings shall change in the blink of an eye. Always go with your initial thoughts as a means to allow your mind to think for itself in each present moment.  You may not always act upon those thoughts, but acknowledge they are there and they are your own.

Notice that You’re Breathing – far too often anxiety or depression will get us so overwhelmed that we neglect this present moment of being alive. Notice that in this moment, right now, as you read this article – you are breathing! When you take a moment to really think about the fact that breathing means you are alive, you will be able to calm your mind and be extremely grateful for this present moment.

Listen to Calming Music – while each of us uses a different genre of music to feel at peace, the simple act of listening to your choice of calming music will naturally guide you towards living in the present. When we listen to calming music our mind is focused on the beat and the words, which in turn allows our mind to relax and live in this one moment. Calming music may actually be one of the best ways to start living in the present moment by allowing you to be at peace within your mind.

Move on from the Past – last, but certainly not least, you will want to forgive the past. Without the forgiveness of our past mistakes, regrets or trauma, we won’t be able to live in the present. Even if you don’t feel like forgiving someone to their face, learn to forgive them within your own soul as a means to be at peace. When you find a way to move on from your past, you will feel ridiculously free and almost naturally start living in the present.

If you are not yet living in the present, then you are living an illusion. One cannot step backwards to yesterday or forward to tomorrow. One who focuses on days that have passed or days that have not arrived are devoting too many thoughts to instances that are unchangeable or have yet to arrive. Try to use some of these tips we shared today as a means to start living in the present moment, we are sure this will help calm anxiety  and allow your mind to feel a bit more lightweight.

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