How to Save Money While Traveling

Today we want to share some tips on how you can save money while traveling.

There’s nothing that I love more than traveling. I grew up in a family that enjoyed traveling, and my mother took me on vacations every summer. I saw the different cultures of each country and came back after every visit with a sense of awe. It’s why I live by this quote:

Travel is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer. 

While traveling can be expensive, getting to your final destination is so worth it. As a family, we do a major destination once a year. However, as a mother of a pre-schooler, I want to visit as many places while she is still young. I also try to go on an international trip once a year. Travel doesn’t necessarily have to cost you lots of money, and I have shared a few tips before such as how to travel when you’re broke, how to travel on a budget and even how to start saving for your next trip. There are so many ways to save and today’s post will share a few more.


When it comes to travel, transportation is always going to be your most expensive cost, especially if you’re traveling overseas. While you can drive to your destination if you’re in the US thus saving you some money, sometimes it can be cheaper to fly. There are many ways to monitor the price of your airline ticket. Google Flights is one way, where you track the price of the flight you want. While it’s best to purchase your ticket early, you can also save by flying into less popular airports. Layover flights can also be cheaper than a direct one if you’re not in a hurry.

Use Deal Sites

Sites such as Groupon can get you discounts on some very popular destinations. I have used them myself for quick getaways. Another awesome site is LivingSocial which is similar to Groupon. With LivingSocial, you will also find discounts on staycation packages, food and drink, and even events and activities.


While staying with friends and family is by far one of the cheapest ways to save money while traveling, it’s not always feasible. You may not have any friends or family where you want to visit. Finding a smaller hotel or staying at an AirBnB will be cheaper than staying at a five-star hotel. Staying outside the city will also be more economical than staying inside the city. With this option, it may take you a bit longer to get into the city, just enjoy the sights and soak up the savings.


Public transportation is always going to be cheaper than renting a car. While you may be thinking about the weekly rate, don’t forget the price of gas and if you may have to pay tolls. Most major cities have a public transportation system. Check out their app and/or maps if available, and see how easy it will be to get to the places you want to visit using public transport. If necessary, you can also use Uber.


Whenever I travel, I always make it my business to bring a few perishables with me. I also try and find the nearest supermarket so I can stock up on essential supplies. Eating out every night can be very expensive. Walk with snacks whenever you go out, so you don’t have to stop at a restaurant to eat. If you do decide to go to a restaurant, ask for recommendations and check out the reviews.


So you’ve saved for your trip, but make sure you also have a budget for spending money. You might be tempted to pull out that credit card, but remember interest will be added.  Which in the long run can work out to be more expensive. So your $100 shopping spree just turned into a $110 splurge. Instead, use your debit card. It’s also a lot safer than cash.


If you’re planning on going sightseeing and taking in the attractions, it can all add up. However, there are always free attractions in every city. Check the city’s visitors bureau website for more information. Sites such as City PASS or Smart Destinations can also save you hundreds of dollars. Pick up a CityPass or GoCard for your intended destination and enjoy some sightseeing, take some pictures and cherish those memories.

How do you save money while traveling? 

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