How to Prevent Pest Infestation: Tips for Homeowners

Learn how to prevent pest infestations in your home with these easy tips.

When it comes to taking care of your home, the last thing you want is an infestation of pests. Not only are they unsightly and unpleasant to have around, but some species can also cause significant damage to property or create a health hazard for inhabitants.

To ensure that you and your property remain undisturbed by pesky critters, there are certain steps every homeowner should take in order to prevent any kind of pest infestation. We’ve compiled our top tips for preventing pest infestations below – read on if you want valuable advice on how to keep unwanted visitors out!

In 2021, approximately 14 million people complained about cockroaches in their homes over the past year, while about 15 million others will have reported spotting rats in their homes.

These reports do not sit well with any homeowner, indicating that pests are a common problem for most people everywhere. In such situations, taking preventative measures and eliminating the possibility of encountering such is essential in stopping or reducing pest infestation in your home.

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The Major Causes of Pest Infestation

Your home risks pest infestation if there is a slight chance of having a pest sticking around. Most pests move to a location because another pest invited them.

The following factors can lead to pest infestation in your home:

  • Food: If you have open food sources and bread crumbs all around the house, pest infestation is likely to happen.
  • Water: Large pests like rodents need water to stay hydrated. On the other hand, bugs absorb moisture to keep their bodies from drying out. 
  • Shelter: If you have an attractive home for insects or pests, they will come to stay permanently. A dirty environment is always very attractive to pests. Pests such as bed bugs love damp and dirty bed sheets. You could get bed bugs on clothes if not appropriately treated.

Tips on How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

To avoid pest infestation, you should take the necessary steps involved. These tips can help you deter pests and also chase away present pests.

  • Improve general hygiene and tidiness.
  • Close-up cracks and holes in the foundation
  • Regularly empty your trash bin
  • Keep food covered and throw away scraps
  • Remove still water
  • Be conscious of open entryways in your home
  • Schedule pest control maintenance regularly

Improve General Hygiene and Tidiness

When an environment is dirty, you will find pests there. Pests like bed bugs and other creepy insects love a damp atmosphere. If your home has already been infested with pests, you should immediately begin pest control or bed bug treatment. To avoid this, always keeping your home clean and tidy is essential. Having food particles anywhere in your home can be a food source that will attract pests. You should reduce the amount of dirt and dust in your home. 

Pests are always looking for food and shelter, and most pests love to stay in dark, cluttered areas. The best places pests can live in are the attic and basements. This is because of clutter with boxes and other things kept there. Reducing the amount of clutter in your home is important in preventing pest infestation. Besides decluttering your home, maintaining your air conditioner can help you deal with dampness problems and keep off those creepy pests that love damp places.

Close-Up Cracks and Holes in Foundation

If your home has entry points for pests, such as cracks in walls, or unsealed gaps in the foundation, this is likely a passage for pests to come in. This is crucial if you want to prevent pest infestation in your home. The presence of food crumbs or dark and clustered basements only leads to pest infestation.

Regularly Empty your Trash Bin

Always maintain proper home hygiene. You should regularly take out your trash which should be in a sealed bag and kept in a garbage bin. It will be best to throw away the garbage often. If you have any sticky can or bottle, you should throw them away, mainly if it contains sugar.

Keep Food Covered and Throw Away Scraps

The primary reason a pest will find your home welcoming is that it wants to find food. Pests have a heightened sense of smell. They can detect food scraps that need to be correctly kept. You should seal food in container wells and keep scraps from sitting around. This step is a strong way to prevent any pest from wanting to come into your home.

If you own a pet, you should ensure their food is kept properly; otherwise, it might attract pests. Many pests, if not all, can perceive such things.

Remove Still Water

Pests need water to remain alive hence, the need to find water anywhere. It could be a leaky pipe or a water fountain. As long as there is water out there, pests will find it. They need water to regulate their bodies. 

You must tidy up spills and fix any leakage in your home. Pests can also be found where there is excess moisture. You can prevent this moisture by ensuring your fan, or air conditioner is working correctly. It is also possible to employ the use of dehumidifiers.

Be Conscious of Open Entryways

Leaving your doors and windows open allows pests to enter your home quickly. Although this is unavoidable, using bug zappers can help prevent pests from getting in. Water fountains and pools also harbor pests. Since you cannot drain your pool or stop using your water fountain because of pests, you can use an excellent pest-deterrent plant or repellant spray to prevent them from coming.

Schedule Pest Control Maintenance Regularly

Removing everything that makes your home an abode for pests may not eliminate the pests. On the other hand, moving to a new environment may still land you in a pest-infected area.

To always keep pests out of your home, it is essential to schedule pest control regularly. Hiring a professional pest control service will help you treat current and future pest problems while maintaining a pest-free home. You will be able to live comfortably without the fear of any creepy insects or bed bugs on your clothes.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently?

To permanently end the reign of bed bugs in your home, you should hire professional pest control services. They will devise a strategy to kill the bed bugs already there and ensure they never return in the future. 

How Do I Get Rid of Pests in my Home Using Natural Means?

You can make a natural pest or bed bug treatment at home. Some natural pest deterrents include specific foods and scents. Pests hate scents like catnip, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, and many others scents. 

Planting these herbs around your home will prevent them from finding solace there. If you can, make a DIY repellant mist that is safe to spray around your home and garden.

In Conclusion

Pest can destroy your home and make it uncomfortable for you when they become so many. Some pests, such as rodents, can even be poisonous or carry infectious diseases.

When dealing with pests, you should immediately seek a solution before they grow so big in size and number. If your house is infested with pests, you can try natural repellents or call a professional pest control or bed bug pest control service. Maintain proper hygiene and always seek professional services from time to time.

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