How To Pick A Quality And Durable Chef Knife

When you spend a lot of time in your kitchen it makes sense to have the proper tools. Especially if you’ve spent the money to have it renovated, it doesn’t really fit to have cheap utensils. In fact, it is really a good idea to splurge and buy quality tools since you use them so much. They last longer and you get your money’s worth.

The key tool in the kitchen is a good chef knife that can handle a big workload. The right knife will make your life much easier in the kitchen. If you’re ready to upgrade and buy a serious knife then you need to know what to look for. In this article, I will go over several things to know to be able to choose the best chef knife for your needs. 

how to pick chef knife

Get it Forged

There are fine quality knives out there made from stamped stainless steel. There are even ceramic knives which are good. Yet, the best knives are forged with carbon steel and are usually made in Germany or Japan.

These cost a lot more but are more durable and can be sharpened much more easily. In fact, to go along with your knife should be a whetstone that will be used to keep it as sharp as a professional so you can really enjoy prepping more than you do now. A high carbon steel blade is better able to hold its edge once it’s sharpened and honing it will get rid of any burrs. 

Knives can get dull very quickly when you use them often and stainless steel hardly holds its edge for very long. They are also more difficult to sharpen well. Since a dull knife is the most dangerous tool you have in the kitchen it is wise to have a knife that doesn’t get so dull. 


The ideal weight of a knife is highly subjective. It should fall in that Goldilocks Zone of not too heavy and not too light. It should feel just right. This means that some people may find that your ideal weight is too heavy or too light. 

You’ll need to try out a few knives so you can get a feel for what the right weight actually is. The right weight will help you cut without having to force the knife. The sharpness of the blade and gravity will do most of the work. This is not only going to make your work easier but it’s also safer since you don’t need to force the blade. 


Closely related to the weight of the blade is the balance. When you hold the knife loosely in the palm of your hand, it shouldn’t fall toward the blade. Likewise, it shouldn’t feel like the weight is all in your hand. The ideal center of gravity is going to depend on the weight of the blade and the size of your hand. 

The right balance will also make your work go faster since it feels like an extension of your hand. 

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