How To Make Your Campervan Feel Like Home

A campervan isn’t like any other vehicle. It’s a van, but a hundred times better. A campervan is your home away from home, your accommodation while on the road.

With road trips being a consistently popular type of travel, it’s not surprising how many campervans are up for sale and rent from suppliers like Wilderness campervan rentals, each with their respective features. Generally, every campervan shopper chooses one based on their needs and preferences. Then, once the campervan is home, all the sprucing up begins to transform it into one that’s truly yours.

When your campervan is your home on wheels, it makes sense for you to transform it into a cozy space that feels like home. Here are a few ideas to help achieve that:

Have Nice Blankets Available

While staying in your campervan, you’ll want to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Accomplishing this doesn’t require much, as you can first start with nice blankets. Put them on your couch, dining area, and even beds, ready to be used when needed.

You can be sipping a cup of hot chocolate, keeping busy with a book, or watching a movie, and there’s nothing that speaks more of home than a blanket. Plus, if you’re on the road during the winter, that blanket is more than nice to have. It becomes a necessity.

Put In A Skylight

If you have abundant natural light in your home, you may want to bring the same to your campervan. Skylights are great for this, as they can instantly bring in natural light. Supposing you’ve parked your campervan in a place where the sunlight is abundant and the weather is great, open up those skylights. It’ll instantly liven up your campervan, where it’ll feel bigger and airier.

Bring In A Few Potted Plants

While it’s too much to have big, space-eating plants inside your campervan, it doesn’t hurt to have a few smaller ones. Plants are a no-fail to make any space go from drab and cold to fab and warm. 

Plus, there are added benefits to having plants in your campervan apart from the aesthetics. If you have the right plants for it, some can even serve as natural air purifiers

The best places to have a potted plant or two are by the windows and in your little dining area, kitchen, or bedroom. Be sure to fasten the pot securely or use an adhesive so you don’t have to worry about falling plants when the campervan is moving.

Likewise, if having real plants seems like too much of an added chore for you, there’s no harm in opting for faux plants. They may not have the air-purifying power of real plants, but they look just as great. Faux plants can still have the same power to transform your campervan into one that feels more like home.

Hang Up A Family Photo

If you want your campervan to feel like an extension of your home, doesn’t it make sense to actually have a few family photos? Framed ones on surfaces may not be practical, but you can always hang them up on your walls. 

To make this feel even more special, you may want to consider hanging family photos of trips you’ve taken in that campervan. Make it like a memory wall. This becomes a great conversation starter over dinner where, as you make new memories in the present, you’re also constantly reminded of the pleasant memories of past trips.

Have An Oil Diffuser

Because a campervan can feel small and tight, it may start to have a few odors settle in over time. It could be from the smell of being out the whole day, the last meal you’ve cooked, or spills from the kids and pets. While opening the windows and skylights during the day can help air out your campervan, one solution may also remind you of home: an oil diffuser.

Smells can play a big part in making a space feel more homely. This is especially true when you choose scents reminiscent of your home. Lavender helps with sleep quality, and lemon may also help brighten up the mood. 

Bring In Your Favorite Mugs

Before you go shopping for brand-new things for your campervan, go through your home first. Perhaps the latter also needs a major declutter if you’ve amassed many things. Go through your kitchen and look for utensils you can use in your van life.

Start with your mugs. When you sip your morning coffee or hot chocolate over breakfast, there’s that sense of familiarity when your mugs are brought in from home.

In Conclusion 

Small changes can turn your recreational vehicle into one that’s more inviting. The whole premise of traveling in a campervan is the added comfort it brings as you traverse the highways. Those road trips aren’t as fun if your campervan isn’t comfortable. Now that you know how to make your campervan feel like home, the next road trip you have in mind may even be more exciting.

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