How To Make Sure Your E-Bike Is Always Secured? 6 Useful Tips

Bicycles are one of the world’s most stolen items. They’re precious, helpful, and enticing to criminals all across the world. Put a high-end motor and battery on a bike, and you’ve created a tempting target for bike thieves.

When it comes to securing their bikes, electric bike users must be particularly vigilant. Nothing is more frustrating than spending a few thousand dollars on a flashy new bike only to have it stolen due to a malfunctioning locking system.

We’ll go over some helpful hints and recommendations in this post to keep your bike safe from thieves. A lot of it boils down to picking the right lock, but there are other factors to think about as well. Follow these e-bike security guidelines and don’t allow the crooks to get away with your valuables!

how to secure your bike

1. Tracking System

Today, as technology progresses, it is getting simpler to create an ideal system for securing your possessions. The e-bike is one of the world’s greatest valuables and it is frequently the first target of the thief. As a result, conscientious electric bicycle owners are likely to consider trackers. Do electric bikes have trackers, you might be wondering? Yes, they do, and it is the best thing that ever happened in the cycling industry!

Newer electric bike models may come with trackers already fitted, although they are somewhat pricey. Another great option to explore is e-bike GPS, which can be purchased and installed on the bike. This will give the extra security that is sought.

Only a handful of electric bikes on the market come with a built-in GPS tracker. And, in the not-too-distant future, more electric bike retailers are likely to follow suit with upgraded technology. It is expected that there will be no bicycles without systematic tracking in the future and that the rate of bicycle theft will be kept to a minimum.

2. Good E-Bike Lock

Bike locks are an absolute essential. Which one, though? The choice is clear: the best protection is provided by a robust U-lock, chain lock, or armored cable lock. A basic frame lock, such as those seen on certain electric bikes, is far less secure. For starters, they are easy to pick, and criminals can steal your bike because a frame lock cannot be attached to a permanent item. 

Also, remember that several locks are preferable to one. For example, combine a basic frame lock with a costly U-lock or a chain lock. This will provide thieves with a slew of new problems.

Don’t be disappointed if you spend a little more on a high-quality bicycle lock chain; it will undoubtedly save you more headaches!

3. Attach It to a Fixed Object 

The same mistake has been made by e-bike owners: they store their bikes in a corner without attaching them to a fixed object. This may be sufficient for a brief stay in a well-trafficked location and a fast trip to the shop.

It is not a good idea to leave your bike alone for an extended period of time. The robbers will pack your bike into a van and transport it away. They may then breach the lock whenever they want.

4. Park E-Bike In a Public Place

In a public setting, thieves are less likely to try to take your bike because it is extremely obvious to others. When there are a lot of people nearby, it’s more difficult for them to break the lock.

Avoid leaving your electric bike unattended in a public location overnight. Find out where the local hotspots for bike theft are so you can stay away from them. On the other hand, there may be ultra-secure parking options where you’re going, such as inside cycle hubs, secured parking, and other options.

5. Insurance

E-bike insurance is a relatively new notion, but it is a fantastic idea. Consider getting extra insurance for your e-bike to cover theft and accidents. Many consumers believe that their homeowners’ insurance policy would cover bike theft. However, most insurance companies now offer separate plans. Most plans only cover theft from your home, since your bike will automatically be categorized as a vehicle rather than property. 

However, there are several additional issues that your home insurance will not cover, leaving you unprotected. For instance, suppose you collide with a child, another biker, or a car. You may inflict damage, and if you do not have coverage that covers this, you may find yourself in serious trouble. 

Finally, if your bike is stolen or destroyed, insurance is the only way to get it back.

6. Save Bike Passport

A bike passport can assist you if your e-bike has been stolen and the authorities must be able to locate it.

When you buy a bike or an e-bike, you may receive one. You may also generate it yourself or store it immediately online, which you can then email to the police following a theft. This helps you save time.

how to secure your bike

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these pointers will assist you in safeguarding your new investment. You are the only one who is entirely responsible for the security of your e-bike. Remember to register, secure, and ensure your bike at all times and you can forget about worrying.

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