6 Amazing Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Friend With

amazing gift ideas

Have you got a special occasion coming up, your friend’s birthday, graduation, moving into a new apartment, etc? Or you just want to surprise your friend randomly and show how much you appreciate them, but you’re stuck on deciding on just what you should get them, something they’re going to love. Well, maybe we can help with these 6 amazing ideas for a gift! 

A Digital Photo Frame

This might be a fun interactive gift if you and your friend love sharing photos with each other. Buy your friend a digital photo frame and you upload and make photos appear on the screen wherever they are or choose ‘playlists’ of photos to display over time. It’s simple, but mindful and fun. Just look for a frame with good screen resolution, great connectivity, and make sure it looks nice and stylish. Your friend is sure to love it. 

Custom-Made Jewelry 

Yes, buying jewelry as a gift may seem like a bit of a cliché, but we’re not talking about regular earrings or a simple gold necklace here. There are many sites online offering amazingly creative and funky jewelry made from various materials, in many shapes and colors. You can also request a certain shape, engravement, or anything that comes to mind to be a part of that piece of jewelry. If you don’t want to overthink it and would rather leave it to the jewelers, choosing orgonite pyramids as the gift is a great idea. They look super-good, you have many color options to choose from, and they will last a lifetime. 

A Great Carry-On Bag

Is your friend a frequent traveler? Why not go and buy them something they could really use, like a new carry-on bag for their next trip. Search through the many options and find one that you think will suit your friend the most, both aesthetically and in function/size. Your friend is likely to be stoked beyond belief when they receive this suggestive and really useful gift. Be sure that it’s made from a nice strong material and that it has a lot of additional pockets for whatever gadgets your friend might be carrying along with them. 

amazing gift ideas

A Mini Projector

Do you and your friend have a history of seeing a lot of movies together? Are you always talking about the new projections coming up and getting super-excited about the next movie with your favorite actor in? Then maybe this is just the perfect gift idea for you! With a mini projector, it’s like you have a portable little cinema you can turn on just about anywhere. Just look for a projector that has a great resolution, is easy to use and compact, and that it has great battery life. You don’t want the movie experience ending halfway because the battery got drained. 

An External Battery Charger

Is your friend one of those people who love their pocket-sized gadgets, but are always either low on battery or out? This may be the most useful gift you can get. With an ever-expanding industry of chargers, you have a vast sea of possibilities to choose from, both in design and efficiency. Choose something you think will suit your friend’s eye, but also be sure that it has a good wattage and is stable. It should be able to fill your friend’s battery capacity to the fullest at least two times over with a single charge. 

A Bath Caddy

This is a fun one! If you think your friend is under a lot of stress and should give themselves a bit more pampering, buying them a bath caddy will bring a smile to their face. It’s easily set up on the bathtub and provides space for them to prop up a book, put down a glass of wine and maybe light up a nice scented candle. Their next Sunday evening can be filled with relaxation and it’s all thanks to you. 

amazing gift ideas

Of course, you know your friend the best, and it’s up to you in the end to choose just the perfect kind of gift for them. Maybe you want to make something yourself, or you know just the right thing that will bring them joy. But again, if you’re a bit stuck in the process of choosing, we hope that this short list of suggestions is of help or has at least sparked a thought on something similar you can get them. The bottom line is, whatever you get them, they will love you for it, and it’s the thought that counts, just enjoy the smile on their faces as they unwrap it, and then have fun.

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