Stolen Pets Recovered With A Private Investigator

Finding a lost or stolen pet is a matter of life and death for people who adopt pets and take care of them. As we know, a pet is the best buddy a person can have. They are not selfish like most human beings are; they are loyal, consistent, responsible, and loving. Only the people who have pets know the true importance of pet detectives. Since their pets are like their children, people love them just as much as they love their family members. That’s why they can’t bear the stress or the heart-wrenching pain of their loss. However, when one’s pet is in danger, it’s not the time to be stressed out or burdened down. You need to be able to focus on the mission of finding your buddy back.

finding a lost or stolen pet

I know you may be afraid to lose them for the rest of your life; you are worried that you may never get the chance to press your palm and fingers compassionately in the soft and smooth fur of your buddy, and you cannot even bear the idea of not talking to them again. These feelings are only natural, but you cannot lose control over your mind, especially if you want to see them again. It’s better to start planning and focussing on the search for your missing pet. The first thing you need to do is get a private investigator involved without wasting any time.

Since there are several cases of dog and cat theft that are reported daily, you need to first make sure your best friend doesn’t end up in the same situation. On the other hand, there are a few steps you can follow to play your part in the mission of finding your pet. To help you quickly address an incident of pet theft and find your pet, here are some simple steps.

finding a lost or stolen pet
  1. Take Swift Action

Once you realize your pet is stolen, you need to take swift action in terms of collecting evidence from witnesses, signing a formal complaint or report of pet theft to the police, and notifying animal shelters, related black markets, and rescuers. Although you might be dealing with a lot of trauma and stress, you should not allow yourself to lose control over your emotions to the point that you become ill. Since staying strong, focussed, and determined to find or recover your pet is the only option, you should not let your vulnerability be the reason you lose your pet forever. 

Additionally, if you have witnessed the theft of your pet with your own eyes, it will be a lot easier to get a police report and send notifications to the animal shelters, dealers, rescuers, etc., who can help you retrieve your pet. However, if not personally witnessed, you will need witnesses to validate your report with evidence. Once you are sure that your pet is stolen, here are some steps that you need to take.

  • Check your home thoroughly before coming to any conclusion.
  • Don’t panic; start focusing on ways to recover your pet.
  • Track GPS trackers in your pet’s belt.
  • Create a pet profile with clear pictures and detailed information about your pet.
  • Call the police to file a report regarding your lost pet.
  • Get information from your neighbors and the people on your street to get witness statements.
  • Hire a personal investigator with professional skills and good reviews.
  • Hang neon posters in your area with your pet’s photo, a slogan such as “Please Help,” and your phone number.
  • Get help from social media sites by circulating the lost pet profile on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Offer rewards for your pet’s safe return.
  • Check online pet selling markets and other pet shops to determine if your pet matches the description of the ones on sale since most thieves try to sell the stolen pets as soon as possible.
  1. Get Help From a Professional Investigator

Pet thefts have become so common nowadays that every other day people come to file a report for their pets. Unfortunately, to prove to the police that your pets are in fact stolen, you need solid evidence and witnesses. However, not everyone is efficient in investigating the right way, and so the experts at Armorous Security and Investigations advise that you enlist the help of someone who knows how to handle law enforcement agencies and take care of all the investigations for the clients. In addition, these security providers also supply the best security to the people who cannot handle dangerous situations on their own. That’s why hiring professional investigators is helpful when dealing with pet theft.

  1. Track Down Your Pet

Tracking down a lost pet is the most efficient way of recovering your best friend. Fortunately, technology affords us new and better ways for tracking your pet. You can easily get help from devices like GPS trackers, GPS belts, and other tracking chips that you can attach to your pet. However, most times the thieves turn off the trackers or discard the belt, and you can be left with no clue at all.

Still, GPS tracking companies can provide you with information regarding the last known location of your pet. If by any chance you get the information regarding the location of your dog, you should notify the police and higher authorities first, since this information may also reveal the whereabouts of the thief. This way, you can ensure that the thief surrenders without threatening your wellbeing or that of your buddy.

finding a lost or stolen pet

The loss of a pet can deeply and negatively impact the individual’s physical and mental health. People spend a huge amount of time with their pets; they build a very strong bond with them and as such, they may get depressed and experience anxiety. However, there are numerous ways that people can use to recover their pets. If you truly care for your pet, you will not hesitate to stay focused and determined to find your best friend. Even if you are not mentally stable enough to put in an effort, the least you can do is hire professional investigators to complete the job of recovering your buddy.

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