Crafts And DIY: How to Get More Out of Your Box Cutter

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of your box cutter as a versatile tool. But with a little bit of creativity, you can use it for much more than just cutting cardboard boxes!

What are box cutters?

Box cutters have become a necessity in toolboxes in houses, offices, warehouses, and many other places. This tool allows people to cut through different surfaces – like plastic, cardboard, paper, and many other materials. However, the box cutter type is crucial in cutting a specific surface. Typically, a single box cutter can cut or slice through numerous surfaces. But using the same box cutter knife on surfaces with different thicknesses, like paper and wood, can cause damage to the sharpness of the blade and maybe even cause harm to the user. 

How each type of box cutter is used

The designs of box cutters have improved over the years to make them user-friendly; the materials that go into creating a box cutter have started to differ to make the blades last longer and satisfy customers with their purchases. One type that has entered the market is ceramic box cutters, which are designed to keep harm away from the user as much as possible. Also, the ceramic material makes the blade last longer because it is made chemically so that it won’t rust. 

This type has allowed potential buyers to make their decisions easily when deciding which type of box cutter to purchase since they will be able to get longer-term benefits compared to the price they are willing to pay for the tool.

Here are some ways to use a box cutter as a DIY-er to make the best use of the tool and improve the creation of handmade crafts: 

1 – Cut the tip of the blade for better usage

Many people do not realize that the frequent use of a box cutter can cause damage to the tip of the blade. When the blade on a box cutter gets dull, cutting and slicing through any material takes longer and is harder to do.

To avoid this problem, you should check the tip of the box cutter’s blade often to make sure it is as sharp as possible. If it is not, cutting the tip or replacing the blade can help a DIY-er.

2- Create clean holes using a box cutter

Substitute tools for box cutters, like scissors or utility knives, have made cutting circular holes through surfaces frustrating. When it comes to cutting holes, DIY-ers have found this a major problem that has made their job difficult. 

However, box cutters have allowed them to solve their problem. Box cutters have many interesting and efficient features, one of which is increasing the blade’s length. The longer length of the blade gives users the flexibility to cut not only holes in surfaces but many other designs easily. 

3 – Cut out different designs without damaging the drywall or surface that they are on

When cutting through a surface, the chances of damaging the table you are working on are high. Nevertheless, using a box cutter gives the DIY-er flexibility to adjust the length as they see fit, making it easier for them to control the blade and not cut through and damage the background surface that they are working on. 

4 – Use to cut straight lines

Before the invention of box cutters, cutting straight lines was a tricky process for people. First, people needed to draw straight lines with rulers and go over the lines with scissors. However, this method has not always shown positive outcomes when cutting straight lines on large pieces. 

Box cutters are designed to be used with one hand, so cutting a straight line with a box cutter has become easier now than ever.

5 – Use short lengths of box cutters to gain more control over the tool

DIY-ers usually tend to include many types of designs in their work. Box cutter blades allow people to create the design they want with any material. However, it is important to remember that in order to create a precise design, they need to gain control over the tool to cut the preferred design. 

Shortening the length of the blade can solve this problem and give people control over the tool. Along with giving you more control, the short length will make it less likely that you will hurt yourself while cutting.

6 – Turn the lock on while using the box cutter, and after using it

As box cutter producers are trying to make box cutters more user-friendly, they have added the lock feature to the tool. 

Turning on the lock has shown many benefits during and after the cutting process. While using the box cutter, the lock ensures that the length of the blade will not change due to the user’s pressure on the tool. 

After retracting the blade inside the box cutter, turning the lock ensures that the blade will not slip out and cause harm to others who might not see that the blade is outside its container.

This feature can help keep the user and others safe in case of an emergency. 

In Conclusion

Box cutters are now a must-have tool in many places, including homes, offices, and warehouses. As the years pass, they are becoming more user-friendly, safe to use, and effective due to design improvements. 

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