Yoplait® Not Just for Breakfast in the Morning – #WholesomeSnacking

I recently shared with you our yoplait vanilla yogurt with blueberries pops. It’s one of those things that the kids enjoys and something that is so easy to make that you’d wonder why you never made it before. I’m a big fan of yogurt and especially the Yoplait brand. Those who are new to reading Growing Up Madison may not realize that I’m former military. What that means is that I’m used to be up at the crack of dawn and out of the house before most people are awake. There have been times when I have had to be at work at 0430 in the morning. That’s 4:30am for those who aren’t military. What that also meant is that I don’t usually eat breakfast. Now that I’m in the civilian world, having retired from the army, I still very rarely eat breakfast. I do however keep my refrigerator stocked up with healthy snacks.

My kids are just like me but I have the philosophy don’t do what I do but what I say, and I say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

I have a toddler who is always on the go and I just love her energy. She can just go and go and go. That means that I also need to have something healthy for her as well. With the boys back in school, there are basketball practices to attend. That also means that they need something healthy to keep them on the go as well. It’s one of the reason why Yoplait yogurt comes in handy. They can be eaten anytime and anywhere. Sometimes you don’t even need a spoon.

They aren’t expensive which is one of the reason why I keep so much around and they taste really good too. The good thing is that there are so many delicious flavors and variety available. I pick them up at Walmart where I can find the many varieties including Original, Light, Greek, Gogurt® and even the Whipped version which I just absolutely love!

Gogurt® are just absolutely amazing because I can freeze them and take them as snacks when we’re going out. The kids especially love them and you can even find me sucking on one or two every once in a while. You can call me a big kid at heart.

So if you were one of those parents who thought that Yoplait yogurt was just for breakfast in the morning, think again. They are perfect for any time of day. As someone who prefers eating late at night, they are perfect for that. So grab a few Yoplait yogurt the next time you’re at Walmart. I guarantee the hardest decision you might make is choosing the flavor you want to get.

Great taste and great price, wholesome snacking just became awesome again!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yoplait®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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