How to Find Advertisers for your Blog

Have a blog and not sure how to find advertisers? We share some tips that may be able to help you.

One of the best ways to start earning revenue from your blog is to get direct advertisers. Sure you can sign up to be on the list of many sites that provide you advertisers through their system, while they take a cut. The other idea is to start finding your own advertisers, so that you get the most revenue out of the deal. If you are ready to get started in finding advertisers for your blog then read on to learn a few tip so how you can get started.

Create an Advertising Page

You really should have a spot on your blog that showcases the option to advertise with you. Outsiders will not know that they can apply to have a direct advertising contract with your if you don’t put it out there. Create a simple page on your blog that is for advertising inquiries. This will help capture the attention of people who simply visit your blog. You can opt to have rates shown or not, but I recommend keeping rates private and only share directly to potential advertisers on a case by case basis. Have your page show your reach, demographics of readers and any other pertinent information that you know advertisers will need in order to make a decision on moving forward to place an ad.

Pitch your Friends

If you are truly ready to find advertisers for your blog then start using your community. Review those you are connected with on social media. Take time to send out a personal pitch email to each of these people. This pitch should include the announcement that you are selling ad space and why they should purchase this space from you. Make certain to pitch your friends in a friendly yet firm way so that you don’t ruin that connection. Ask friends for referrals within this pitch email, that way they can recommend others to use your blog for their advertising needs.

Sign up for an Advertising Platform

While this may not be the most cost effective way to gain advertisements, everyone does need to start somewhere. Sites like Project Wonderful and the plugin WP125 are two ways to get advertising on your blog without much work behind the scenes. Project Wonderful is a lower revenue making platform that services ads for you and you can cash out when you reach a minimum threshold. The plugin WP125 is merely a plugin that you set up and have more control over what you charge as well as how long an advertisement will stay on your blog.

Leave your Business Card Everywhere

Last, but certainly not least make sure that you have a good selection of business cards to leave everywhere you go. If you are a travel blogger who covers restaurants and cool sights to see, then leaving your business card with a pitch for advertising may earn you a few extra bucks! When you go out to eat, leave a tip along with your business card. The more business cards you hand out, the more your chances are at finding relevant advertisers who are ready to spend cash to reach more people.

There is no one way that suits all bloggers. These tips on how to find advertisers for your blog are merely a stepping stone to help guide you in the right direction.

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