How to Budget During the Holidays

There are many ways to learn how to budget during the holidays. Let’s start by stating that the most money wasted during the holiday season is on gifts, wrapping supplies and quite possibly food for entertaining family. With that being said, here are some fabulous tips on how to budget during the holidays so that you can actually enjoy this season a bit more stress-free:

Learn to Spend Less

Make a full commitment that you will not go crazy spending cash out of pocket. The best way to ensure you remain within the budget you have allotted for holiday expenses is to never use a credit or debit care for purchases. Set aside a specific amount of cash and use it wisely.

Combine Gift Giving

Have a family that you normally purchase one gift for each member? Consider purchasing family gifts, such as one item that can be provided to the whole family versus a gift for each family member. This is an easy way to cut costs while still providing a kind gift to this family that matters to you.

Host a Potluck Gathering

As opposed to hosting a large family gathering where you supply all of the food, consider hosting a potluck gathering so that each member brings a dish. This helps to curb the extra costs associated with hosting a holiday dinner on your own.

Have your Kids Set Priority Lists

Most kids enjoy creating a holiday wishlist, perhaps this year you put a little spin on their list. Have each kid rate their wishes from a level one and on, with one being the most valuable to them to receive. Perhaps this will help you to know where to designate funds for their presents, as opposed to getting everything on their list.

Stay in the Holiday Spirit

Let go of the consumer side of the holiday season and accept that this is a season about giving, joy and being grateful for all that we have in life. Remember that many have far less than you and this is a great time to volunteer as a family at a local shelter rather than spending extra cash for events.

Remain Positive

Regardless of how little of a budget, you may be working with during the holiday season, if you follow each of these tips and learn to prepare sooner next year for the holiday season, you surely can remain positive and remember that this is a great time to reflect upon all that you do have in life.

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