How to Be Accepted to the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is known for being reputable academically and for its great school spirit, as it has an enormous amount of resources that help students and faculty members reach their highest potential. Its special and uplifting school spirit has made it stand out among the rest of the universities around the USA. It is located in Ann Arbor City, which is home to artists, businessmen, and community makers. 

If you are thinking about enrolling at this inside-out great institution, then you need to understand how selective the admission process is, understand the data that you will need to assess to see how you measure up to the competition and the way its admission committee operates. This article will help you know all that is needed to get accepted at the University of Michigan.

University Student

Acceptance Rate

Michigan University is most selective when it comes to the acceptance rate. The average acceptance rate of Michigan University in 2019 was 22.5%, which was about the same as the previous year’s rate, which was 23%, and the out-of-state average rate was 19.4%. 14,884 persons were granted extended admission offers out of 64,972.


Now let’s talk about the admissions – SAT, ACT, and Class Rank.  For students entering the 2023 class, SAT 50% middle range was 1340-1530, ACT range was 31-34. Students enrolled possessed higher than a 3.75 GPA, the average underweighted GPA was 3.9 and 78.8%. As for the class rank, it is not a requirement; however, near 80% place in the top 10% of the high school class.

Supplemental Essays

It is obligatory to submit a supplemental essay to join the University of Michigan. Supplemental essays are how applicants explain why they are a good fit to join a school to the admissions committee. There is a word limit to supplemental essays, for example, Michigan supplemental essays maximum word limit is 550 words for Essay 2 and 300 words for essay 1. Keep in mind that you can’t repeat anything that is already covered in the main essay.

Rating Applicants

Secondary school record’s rigor and GPA are of utmost importance to the University of Michigan. While standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, personal qualities, application essays, and recommendations are considered important. The University of Michigan also considers the talents, legacy status, racial status, state residency, volunteering and working experiences, and level of interest. A holistic process is applied to evaluate the applicants, as they value the whole record of applicants.

As for the academic part, this is what they will consider:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Curriculum quality
  • Class rank (If available)
  • Specific academic interests

Reviewers at the University of Michigan rate each person applying at the university according to the following criteria:

  • Secondary school academic performance
  • The environment of education
  • Teachers and counselors recommendations
  • The essays submitted
  • Service, involvement, leadership, and awards and honors.

All applicants are assigned an overall grade after being rated according to the following scale:


All of the materials are of exceptional characteristics.


The materials are of extremely strong characteristics.


The materials are of average characteristics; however specifically strong in some areas.


The materials are competitive in all the criteria, but there are some concerns about the overall strength of the application.

Below Average/Poor:

The materials have serious deficiencies in most of the criteria.

Who Actually Gets Accepted

The greatest number of The University of Michigan undergraduates come from these states:

  • Michigan: 16,524
  • New York: 1,848
  • Illinois: 1,803
  • California: 1,573
  • Ohio: 547
  • Florida: 547
  • Massachusetts: 422
  • Pennsylvania: 420

The University of Michigan likes each class to include residents from all over the 50 states. 

Here are the fewest states with students at The University of Michigan:

  • Idaho: 4
  • Wyoming: 4
  • North Dakota: 5
  • South Dakota: 8
  • Montana: 9
  • Mississippi: 9
  • Arkansas: 10

As for the ethnicity percentages, they are as follows:

  • Asian American: 14.6%
  • Hispanic: 6.3%
  • African American: 4.2%
  • International: 7.4%
  • Caucasian: 58.2%

The gender breakdown is equal, which means all of the current undergraduates are 50% males and 50% females.

University application

Being located in an area with beautiful architecture, having the largest alumni-base worldwide, with the largest football stadium in the world, and almost if not all the academic resources needed to succeed, makes the University of Michigan a dream to all applicants. It is a great and reputable university known for its exceptional school spirit. However, it is a highly-selective university, so you need to be well-prepared.

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