Flaunt Your Curves: Your Comprehensive Guide to Lingerie Selection

Embrace your curves with confidence! Explore our comprehensive guide to lingerie selection. Find the perfect fit and style that flatters your unique silhouette. Flaunt your curves with pride!


You know you have the right innerwear when you feel confident and beautiful inside. That’s why it is important to understand your body frame and pick lingerie that compliments your curves. 

There’s a whole range to explore, from corsets to camisoles, garter belts to nightgowns. For instance, you can rely on reputed brands like 3Wishes to discover bold and beautiful lingerie options that match your body type. Read on to learn more.  

Your Comprehensive Guide to Lingerie Selection

The Hourglass

An hourglass body has hips and shoulders at the same width, along with a slim waistline. For all those who fall under the stereotypical “36-24-36” frame, you’re in luck. You already have a great figure, meaning you can practically fit into any lingerie. However, teddies, garter belts, and corsets are the perfect pick. If you prefer comfort over style, go for trending underwear options like wireless bras and hipster panties.

The Triangle

Big hips are at the center of a triangle-type body. So, it’s obvious the lingerie you choose should balance things. In such cases, a balconette bra could be a good choice that stays stretched at the breast, giving a flattering appearance. Other options include bustier shapewear, a ruffled or strapless bra, and a bikini to help level out the hips and shoulders. 

The Rectangle

Typically, an athletic body with no curves falls under the rectangular type. This kind of figure demands lingerie that sits easily at the waist. Corsets are the first thing that comes to mind, which effortlessly add curves and impart a sensual look. If you would like to accentuate your breasts, you can also use a push-up or a sports bra. 

The Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulders define this kind of body, and you’ll need lingerie that gives you an even look. Halter necks are the first preference. However, if you have flatter bums, you can also consider other lingerie options, like a teddy, to divert attention. Other options that you can consider include a bralette, which goes well with matching lace panties, thongs, and cami sets. 

The Round

Choosing lingerie for a body with a round twist and torso is tricky. In other words, one’s upper body is wider than the hips, which can give a disproportionate look. The safest choice here would be a negligee, which can effortlessly hide your waistline. However, you can also consider a teddy. If you like to shop lingerie for special occasions, choose satin or chemises, which are downright sexy and offer maximum coverage. 

Anyone can choose any lingerie. However, knowing your body type will help you decide which ones look the best and complement your natural frame. Here’s a look at some of the popular lingerie options. 

  • Garter Belts: Although “garter belt” sounds complicated, it’s practically easy-to-carry lingerie. A garter belt comprises a lace bra, a corset, and a four-strapped panty to hold up stockings. Garter belts can be easily worn under any dress or skirt. For any woman looking for sexy lingerie to spice up a special day, garter belts can be an excellent choice. While wearing stockings, many face issues with setting their feet comfortably. However, with garter belts, you’ll never have to worry about that.
  • Camisoles: Perhaps one of the most functional designs for lingerie, camisoles can take your intimate moments to the next level. Go for a fully laced cami to wear under your dress and offer a peek to excite your partner. Casual camisoles are another option if you consider wearing them to work under your shirt. Consider a silk camisole underneath a cardigan or a blazer for a luxe touch. No matter how you dress up, camisoles are a necessary addition to a woman’s wardrobe.
  • Corsets: Nothing beats corsets for women who want to camouflage the bulge around the waist. The lace ties in a corset make for an excellent choice, giving your figure much-needed definition. You can wear a corset like a regular top and then put on a transparent dress to strike a balance.
  • Crotchless– This is another great option that adds spice to your lingerie collection. Crotchless lingerie is available in various fabrics, from lace to silk, and isn’t limited to panties alone. One can choose from chemises, teddies, body stockings, and more. Plus, one of the most significant advantages of crotchless lingerie is its availability across all sizes. 

In Conclusion

When buying lingerie, it’s essential to consider your body type. It not only enhances your appearance but also adds to your comfort level. After all, you don’t want to choke on the inside wearing a corset just for the sake of style.

Once you’ve determined your body type, the next thing is to choose a fabric that you feel most comfortable wearing. Ensure it’s breathable and high-quality, as it will be in direct contact with your skin. So, stay away from rough or harsh fabric at all times.

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