Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays at Home

Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kids Birthdays at Home

If you’re looking to make your little guy or girl feel extra special for their birthday this year, but you still want to social distance, then check out these creative ways to celebrate your kids’ birthdays at home. From organizing a virtual game night with friends to sending them a birthday celebration box, there are lots of ways to keep your kids happy and busy in the safety of their own home. 

Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kids Birthdays at Home

1. Send Them the Party

Send the party to your kid (or nephew or niece) with Birthday Celebration-in-a-Box. This incredible Birthday service is $99.95. But you’ll get so much bang for your buck. The box includes 100 candles, a celebration stadium candle holder for up to 100 candles, a gold foil paper crown, a scrumptious four-layer confetti cake, and a gold-colored Happy Birthday topper. You can also order a box of cupcakes or a cake not just for your kid but for the whole family so everyone can have a slice of cake or a cupcake while zoom-partying.

2. Gift Them Something to Do

Surprise your kid with something extra fun to do on their birthday, like a bead making kit, a kit to grow your own Bonsai, or a personalized jigsaw puzzle with a cute photo of themselves or their pet. If you want to get crafty and DIY their gift, then make a customized “Happy Quarantine Birthday kit” that’s just for them. Think of adding their favorite sweet and salty snacks, some game coupons, add a plastic mug with their favorite cartoon character or video game protagonist etched on the front, and any other treats and gifts they’ll really love. 

3. Take a Virtual Class with Them 

You know better than anyone what your kids like. Do they love magic tricks? Have they always wanted to learn ballet? How about farm life or writing? Well, there are lots of writing workshops, ballet classes, guided farm tours, and magic shows, that you and the kids can attend online. These virtual activities are fun, educational, and will help you bond in imaginable ways. 

4. Celebrate With a Virtual Game Night

Zoom birthday parties are great, but they tend to get a little boring when all you do is stare at each other on the screen. After 30 minutes, it becomes a snoozefest for the little ones if all you’re doing is catching up and talking. 

But you can fix that by throwing a kid friendly virtual game night on their birthday. Gather a group of their friends and family on Skype or Zoom. Then find an online game that you can all play together. Here are a few suggestions:

  • is a site that offers card games that can be played with up to 6 friends such as Backgammon, Checkers, and Go Fish.
  • is essentially an online version of Pictionary that generates random words and participants will have to draw the word provided and have the rest of the family guess.

You can also register at Pogo and play virtual games like Yahtzee Party and Monopoly.

5. Make a Video Full of Birthday Wishes

This is a great way to get everyone to honor the birthday boy or girl. Simply have every one of their friends and family send a short video sending birthday wishes and happy thoughts to your kid. Then put them all together into one video using a video editing program like Inshot or CapCut and give it to your child as a gift.

6. Send Them a Piñatagram

Visit and pick the piñata that best suits your child. There are horses and unicorns of different colors and themes such as the zombie, reindeer, tropical, pink, and heart-covered piñatagrams filled with candy. In fact, they’re so adorable that your kid might feel guilty beating it with a stick to get the candy out! 

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