Top Gifts For Your Teens 18th Birthday

Top Gifts For Your Teens 18th Birthday

We love to celebrate birthdays and when our teens hit the age of 18, we love to make a big deal out of them. But what do you buy an 18 year old for their birthday in 2021? In a world where teens already have pretty much everything they desire this can be a hard buy, but don’t fret we have come up with some great gift ideas that your teen will love.

  1. Book of Advice

When we are 18 years old, we think we know everything there is to know about the world, but when you think back to being 18 years old, you would probably appreciate some advice. There are a few great books out there that you could gift, or for a really personal touch, you could jot down a few helpful tips of your own and create a personalized book catered specifically for your teen.

  1. Time Capsule

You may have to start this one when they are young. Gather a few bits from their childhood that hold great memories and pop them in a time capsule for your teen to find. This could be in the form of birthday cards, photos, or memorabilia from an old family holiday. A few sentimental items can make your gift really special.

  1. A New Car

We consider turning 18 to be a big deal, which means we tend to splash out on gifts. Your teen is at the age of wanting to be free and learning to drive, and what better gift is there to help them do this than a car? Buying a new car doesn’t have to break the bank; there are some great used cars out there that your teen would love. This way, you can ensure your teen is getting a safe and reliable car and the freedom they desire. 

  1. Jewelry

Giving your teen a special piece of jewelry is a lovely idea. It is something they will cherish forever. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are all great gifts, but if you are feeling like you want to be a little different, then opt for cufflinks, tie clips, or a broach instead. For a more personal touch, have a piece of your own jewelry cleaned up or reset; this could be a really sentimental gift that you and your teen can bond over.

  1. Watches

A watch is a great alternative if your teen doesn’t wear jewelry. Watches such as Audemars Piguet Watches are the perfect gift for your teen. You want one that won’t gather dust and that your teen will appreciate. Owning an expensive and sentimental item is a great gift to help your teen transition into adulthood. 

Whatever you decide to gift your teen on their 18th birthday, we are sure it will be special. We think choosing sentiment over cost is always the better option, and they will appreciate it more as they grow into adulthood and learn the true meaning of gift giving.

If you are finding it hard to bond with your teen, then read on for tips on how to bond with your teen here.

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