5 Fantastic Places to Visit in Europe as a Solo Female Traveler

Are you looking for and planning for your next great solo adventure

You might want to rediscover Europe in a new light as a solo traveler. The countries of Europe, which have long been among the top destinations for backpackers, are now safer for female solo travelers in particular.

Not to discount the dangers that male travelers also encounter, but their female counterparts face far more pressing dangers, regularly discouraging them from continuing to travel alone. Plus, there are always unwelcome sentiments, such as “That’s why you shouldn’t travel alone, especially if you’re a woman.” 

It may seem more dangerous, but the highs and lows of solo travel are something that everyone should enjoy. If you do want to enjoy Europe as a solo female traveler, you might want to consider these places. 

Places to Visit in Europe as a Solo Female Traveler

1. Lisbon, Portugal 

When someone thinks of traveling to Europe, only a handful consider going to Lisbon

The capital city is the entry point to several excellent trails. If you haven’t considered Lisbon as a trekking destination, here are a few trails you’ve been missing:

  • Seven Hanging Valleys Trail – intermediate trail
  • Cabo da Roca-Azenhas do Mar Trail  
  • Costa da Caparica Trail 
  • Serra d’Ossa
  • Camino de Santiago

In the list above, the Cabo da Roca-Azenhas do Mar and Costa da Caparica trails are classified as easy trails that are suitable even for beginners who want to trek for fun. All the other trails are either intermediate or expert-level trails. 

The Seven Hanging Valleys trail is undoubtedly one of the most popular trekking destinations, which takes about 6 hours to complete. But, with the view that spans almost the entire hike, six hours will seem shorter. 

The Serra d’Ossa and Camino de Santiago trails are classified as expert-level trails. Those who wish to trek these areas should have adequate skills, experience, and physical endurance to finish and actually enjoy the trek, which may last for a few days. 

2. Mont Blanc

You can’t leave Europe without visiting the continent’s greatest offering: the Alps. Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the range, is in Chamonix, France. But the range itself is within the territory of both Italy and France. 

This destination may not be on top of the list for being the safest, as it is the highest peak, but it does top the list for the most breathtaking sites and the most sought-after treks. French for “white mountain,” Mont Blanc may seem to be made up of the softest, most pillowy material. However, you should be prepared if you do decide to climb the mountain. 

Thousands of hikers each year wish to experience the highly regarded Tour de Mont Blanc. The 170-kilometer trail may take a few days to complete, but it’s already well-marked and accessible. Even low-skill hikers can complete this trail. 

However, even the guided treks for solo female travelers can still pose a bit of danger. Other factors that add to this reality are the number of people that flock to the peak and their low-level skills. 

Thus, be a smart traveler. Being a solo female traveler in the Alps means you need to be extra smart in choosing the activities during your trips. Evaluate what you can and cannot do, so you can continue on with your adventure without a hitch. 

3. Dolomites, Italy

Aside from the Alps, another mountain range that you shouldn’t risk missing is the Dolomite Mountains, or the Dolomitic Alps in Italy. 

Although extremely popular for other winter activities, the Dolomites offer excellent hiking trails that will satisfy your itch for a good hike. Overall, the trekking trails in the Dolomatic Alps are classified as being of medium difficulty. 

Here are some of the trails that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Ring of the Friulian Dolomites
  • The Great Dolomites Ladin Valleys Traverse
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo & Fanes-Sennes-Braies

The trails above are specifically classified as moderate-to-challenging trails. On average, each trail can be completed in about 6 days, and there are available guided and self-guided trails online. 

As such, if you do want to go solo through and through, you can go over the self-guided itineraries as much as you can before you take on the actual thing. 

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo & Fanes-Sennes-Braies trail, in particular, highlights the hut-to-hut hiking experience wherein trekkers stay in different huts situated at the peaks to fully experience the beauty of the Dolomatic Alps, especially at night. 

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is the most recognizable mountain in its respective range, along with Mont Blanc.

4. Meteora, Greece

It comes as no surprise that Greece is an incredibly welcoming country for solo travelers. With the influx of tourists that visit every season, Greece has created a system that integrates well with its visitors.

Aside from the usual tourist destinations, Greece also has some challenging hiking trails to offer. Meteora, in particular, is famous for the monasteries built on top of vertical peaks. It’s such a wonderful sight to see, and the journey to see it makes the travel even more worthwhile. 

If you only wish to see one of the multiple monasteries, the hiking time would average about 4 hours. It’s not as long as the hikes in the Alps, but it does not fall short of wondrous views. 

5. Scotland

Scotland is already a tourist favorite because of its age-old castles and lakes shrouded in mystical stories. Aside from that, Scotland is also becoming a top spot for solo female travelers in Europe, especially for those who enjoy a good hike. 

For those who want to explore and soak in the beauty of the Scottish highlands, there are guided tours through the incredible locations of Glen Affric and the Great Glen. It’s highly recommended to traverse these areas during the autumn season. The trek even starts on the north side of Loch Ness, so you’re already assured of a stunning view right from the very beginning. 

If you’re more of a peak kind of traveler, you’d be better off hiking the trail exploring the islands of Skye, Harris, and Lewis. These areas are known for their rugged landscape, so you’ll never be short of peaks to climb. 

In Conclusion

Europe is an excellent continent to explore as a solo traveler. Almost every country is familiar with the influx of tourists at every change of season. As such, safety for female solo travelers is often not as concerning as it might be in other places. 

The places cited above have everything to offer. There are picturesque places, good food, and unforgettable adventures. Almost every region has a trail to offer, from easy ones to the more challenging and lengthy ones.

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