Solo Female Travelers: Dos and Don’ts on Safety on the Road

Solo Female Travelers: Dos and Don’ts on Safety on the Road

 Today, many women choose to have a solo travel adventure to test their limits or just get time for quiet retrospection. If you’re also attracted to solo travel, know that a single trip like this can completely change your life in the best way possible—you will come back home a changed woman! However, the success of your solo adventure greatly depends on your safety on the road. Unfortunately, being a solo female traveler is a risky business, but if you follow these dos and don’ts, you will get to enjoy your trip without any worries.

Solo Female Travelers: Dos and Don’ts on Safety on the Road


No matter where you’re going, always have at least one person that knows where you are. Feeling “lost” is the key element of every solo adventure (it can be such a freeing feeling), but it’s best to check in with your close family and friends so people know where to find you. A quick text or DM is all you need. In case something happens to you, your messages will ensure you’re rescued quickly.


While your accommodation mostly depends on your budget, it’s always best to open your wallet and spend some extra cash on a safe and secure hotel room or Airbnb. Airbnbs are very practical since they are rated by other travelers, so you can always get a safe place to spend the night. If you want to save money (and don’t want to sleep in your car), you can opt for couch surfing, but always stay with another woman.


If you’re having a fun solo road trip, get ready for a huge adventure that will give you time for retrospection and relaxation. However, before you start your journey, make sure to conduct a satisfactory inspection of your car. There’s nothing scarier than getting stranded at the side of the road while you’re traveling solo! Make sure to get an oil change, refill your tires, and ensure all fluids are topped off. You might want to quiet down your car so you don’t attract that much attention. If you invest in sophisticated mufflers with a butterfly valve mechanism, you can adjust your car’s ‘volume.’ Allowing you to redirect the exhaust gas flow; you can stay quiet when you need to be quiet or go loud when you want to.

Solo Female Travelers: Dos and Don’ts on Safety on the Road


While you need some cash with you at all times, it’s best only to bring the amount you will need for the trip. If you need some extra money, you can always get more by using an ATM, so there’s no need for big bills that might attract attention and get you mugged. Keep private the amount of money you have with you.


If you’re driving or hiking, it’s essential to stay healthy so you can focus on the road and your journey. When you’re dehydrated or starving, you can become easily distracted, frustrated, and impatient, which leads to reckless decisions. Always have enough water with you and some nutritious snacks! Also, avoid driving overnight—you don’t want to fall asleep at the wheel and cause an accident.


Unfortunately, women often get judged on the things they wear, so make sure to dress in a way that fits the destination and the occasion. When embarking on a solo trip, it’s best to dress down, so you don’t bring too much attention to yourself. Modesty is a virtue in many places, but it can also be a way to stay safe on the road.

Solo Female Travelers: Dos and Don’ts on Safety on the Road


While this might go directly against your person, try not to be too helpful, and assist everyone in trouble if you’re traveling alone. If you see someone at the side of the road, don’t stop unless you’re sure it’s safe. Find a safe place to stop your car and contact the police or ambulance—they will know what to do much better than you.

You might be tempted to share a ride or room with someone you don’t know to save money and time, but that’s risky behavior. A person you’re teaming up with might be harmless, but you never know who you’re dealing with. If you notice a person is creepy or harmful, it might be hard to get rid of them later.


People who know you’re traveling alone might want to take advantage of you, so it’s best to keep it to yourself. When stopping somewhere to rest, look for well-lit spots and have a lot of other people around. Additionally, make sure to look confident, like you know where you’re going, even if you’re lost. If you need to ask someone for directions, it’s best to ask hotel employees instead of strangers in the street.

Solo Female Travelers: Dos and Don’ts on Safety on the Road

Having a solo adventure as a lady traveler can be life-changing, but only if you plan well and ensure you’re safe on the road, so keep these tips in mind during your next trip.

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