Facts about Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

Facts about Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

 Dubai is more than a global business hub. It also attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe. This magical city is found in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai stands out from other cities across the globe because of its ultramodern architectural structures across the city.

Additionally, the city never sleeps as there are plenty of activities to do both during the day and at night.  There are also plenty of attraction sites you can tour during your stay in Dubai. Above all, the infrastructure in this city is top-notch. This means you will have an easy time touring around the beautiful city.

The best time of the year to visit Dubai is between November and March. During this time, the climate is warm in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates at large. Therefore, anyone from different parts of the globe can comfortably adapt to the warm climate during this period. 

Facts about Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

Plan for a Trip to Dubai

There are plenty of things you should do in preparation for your trip to the marvelous city of Dubai. First, come up with a budget for the amount you will spend during your trip. Always set a budget you can comfortably afford and stick to it. 

Consider using airlines to easily access Dubai from different parts of the world. Therefore, look out for a budget-friendly airline for your trip. This will help you save some cash from your budget for the Dubai trip. Prioritize the Emirates airline for your trip as it flies different routes across the globe.

There are numerous ways of attaining budget-friendly air tickets for your trip. You can use an agent to secure a friendly budget for you. Agents can look for offers and advice you accordingly. You should also consider booking a flight ticket months before your trip to Dubai. Airline tickets are low during the off-peak season.

You should also research the attire that is permitted in Dubai, tourist attraction sites, and must do things. This will help plan your vacation for the days you will be in Dubai. 

Delicacies in Dubai

Many people are impressed by the variety of both traditional and street meals in Dubai to try out. Most of these meals are prepared using the traditional preparation methods, hence maintaining their delicious taste. 

Manousheh, Fatteh, Chelo kebab, Oozie, Madrouba, and Iranian Sangak are some common dishes in Dubai you should try out. You will be impressed when you watch how the traditional meals are prepared in the streets and restaurants.

Don’t leave Dubai without tasting a variety of street meals.  The street meals are prepared at different spots within Dubai and have a unique taste. Regularly create time with your loved ones and enjoy the variety of delicious meals during your vacation.

Facts about Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

The Dubai Culture You Must Expereince

Dubai showcases its culture and traditions through various festivals that are held annually. Therefore, make an effort of attending at least one festival during your stay in Dubai. The Dubai international film festival is one of the events you shouldn’t miss. 

You can’t forget about the Dubai shopping festival. This event showcases the extravagant side of the local people. Therefore, take advantage of the discounts during the festive period and purchase various things that can only be found in Dubai. Sports festivals and music festivals are also common in the city.

Do your best and attend the dance and music festivals that showcase the culture and the way of life of the local people. It gives you a rough idea of life in Dubai. Traditional dresses and attires are also common. Make an effort of purchasing traditional attire to remind you of your trip around Dubai.  

Facts about Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

The Must-Visit Places in Dubai

Dubai has over the years become one of the leading tourist attraction cities in the United Arab Emirates. This is because of the attraction sites spread across the city. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai. It should be your first stop in the city. Visit the site and admire the ultramodern architectural design. 

The Dubai museum should be your next stop. Here, you will understand different things about the United Arab Emirates history and understand its evolution over the years. Consider embarking on a guided tour around the museum. 

Continue with your tour around Dubai and visit Al Fahidi for a glimpse of how people lived before the ultramodern architectural designs took over the city. Consider taking pictures to remind you of your tour around Old Dubai. 

Sheikh Sayeed Al- Maktoum house should be your next stop. This was the former official resident once a ruler of Dubai. Consider a guided tour to understand the history of this popular attraction site in the city.  

You should also do some shopping at various malls around the city during your vacation. Don’t forget to take memorable pictures at the Dubai frame. You should also visit the famous Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary to spot some flamingos and different bird species. 

Don’t leave Dubai without visiting the Dubai Aquarium. Here, you will be privileged to see different underwater species. The setting of the Dubai Aquarium makes you feel in a real underwater situation.

Do you want some water adventure? If yes, travel with your family to the Aquaventure waterpark. Here, there are plenty of fun activities to do at this waterpark. Don’t forget about the desert safari, tour around the Jumeirah mosque and Dubai Miracle Garden. 

Facts about Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

How to Travel and Where to Stay in Dubai

Consider taking a flight to Dubai as it makes your tour extra comfortable. Therefore, you should make a flight booking your first priority during your tour preparation around Dubai.  Once you are in Dubai, you can use road transport to tour around. You will have a comfortable time here because it has one of the best infrastructures in the city. 

You should also book a hotel in advance during your stay in Dubai. This is where you will relax after exploring the city during the day. Therefore, choose a hotel with amenities and facilities that will make your stay around Dubai comfortable.

There is no doubt Dubai is a top tourist hub. Therefore, make it your next stop on your next vacation!

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