Here Are Some Creepy And Interesting Places You Didn’t Know Existed

The world is a mysterious and scary place but that’s exactly what pulls many people in. They love the drama, the tragedy, and the danger of certain areas. These hot spots that would make the meek and anxious wary are like magnets to others who crave that level of intrigue and darkness. All the better if the stories attached to such locations are true but even the tales are enough to reel in a multitude of visitors. 

Creepy And Interesting Places

Paris, France

France has had a long history of beheadings. From this choice of execution of famous characters like Anne Bolyn in the 1600s to the 2020 murder of a French middle-school professor. It seems like this country’s history of decapitation is far from over. 

La Rue De La Roquette holds an especially eerie reminder of the Paris guillotine. What has been described as creepy indentations in the street left by the weight of the guillotine can still be seen today. Approximately seventy prisoners were executed in this spot in the 1900s. The street might almost seem normal if one is unaware of the ghastly activities which once took place right there.

Obelisk, Wales

More on the side of being tragic, this isolated stone monument erected in the middle of the Brecon Beacons mountains of Wales, is a reminder of the unfortunate passing of a little boy called Tommy Jones. Just five years old, afraid of the dark and blinded by the heavy fog known to roll in in Rhondda Valley, little Tommy got lost trying to find his way back to his father. After months of searching his lifeless body was found. 

While this is not a ghost story in itself, it is a stark reminder to all travelers of that region of just how harsh and unforgiving nature can be. If ever you are lost in these mountains and find this pillar of stone, you will have been given a glimmer of hope from little Tommy and the forgotten people of Rhondda Valley.

Helltown, Ohio

If ghost stories are what you’re after, this is the place for you. With so much intrigue and a high level of scare factor, Helltown in Ohio is where you want to be. From a road called End Of The World, boldly labeled as unsafe to abandoned towns and cemeteries, and satanic worshipers on the outskirts of the national park, and unfriendly natives just around the corner, you’ve hit the bullseye. 

You won’t have to pay one cent to experience the thrills of remnant disturbed energy. All the authorities say that you do not go wandering off. You can get caught up on the history of the abandoned school bus, slaughterhouse, and satanic church. If you feel up to it, book a stay at the local hotel or gun it out of town a decent twenty miles back into the normal atmosphere of the Cleveland area.

Mexico City, Mexico

A place that is only accessible by boat, by that one detail, garners much interest. When you factor in that this area is called Isla de la Munecas, the creep factor intensifies. And if you think this is symbolism, you are wrong. Hung up on hundreds of tree trunks and branches are old and ruined remnants of dolls. Just think of Chucky. 

They are thought to be personally hung by a man who had found the body of a child drowned in the nearby canal. Not far from the corpse was her doll. It is still debated whether his intentions were to erect a memorial for her, to scare away others who may suffer the same fate, or to ward off evil spirits attached to the area. 

Chernobyl, Ukraine

The infamous nuclear explosion that resulted in the illness and death of many continues to linger in the minds of people today. Even though some thirty years have passed, the horror of the abandoned buildings is still present. 

Now you are able to visit this place but not on your own. You must join a certified tour group for legal access. Don’t think you can wear whatever you like there either. You never know what harmful and reactive components still remain and as such your entire body needs to be covered with exception of your hands, face, and neck. Learn about soviet life, what really caused the explosion, and some of the disastrous effects of that fateful day. 

In Conclusion

There are many significant and interesting events that have taken place in many countries around the globe. Should you be interested in the scary, these are just right for you. 

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