Coronavirus: Has It Affected Your Wedding Plans?

The coronavirus: It seems to be affecting everything at the moment.

Many of us have been quarantined at home. Some of us are facing uncertainty about our jobs and businesses. And due to travel restrictions, we might have to put a hold on our summer vacation ideas. It’s a tough time.

However, it might be especially tough if you had been planning on getting married. In some places around the world, weddings have been canceled. For those countries where weddings are still allowed, there are restrictions in place on numbers. And for obvious reasons, destination weddings are out of the question.

This is heartbreaking, we know, as after months of wedding planning, from the initial thrill of looking for engagement rings when proposing to the search for the perfect wedding dress, it might appear as if your dreams have been shattered.

But here’s the thing: Don’t panic! While life is uncertain right now, there will be a time when things become stable again. So, here’s some advice for you.


If you cancel your wedding, you might lose all of the money you have shelled out so far. From the cost of room hire for your reception to the fees you have already paid to your caterers, you might not get the money back. So, postpone rather than cancel. Most people, from the owners of your chosen wedding venue to the people you have already hired, should be understanding at this time, and cancellation fees may be waived. Work with the various wedding services you have hired, and with your guests, and try to come up with a new date for your wedding.


While most wedding vendors will be understanding (we hope), there might still be those who strictly adhere to the cancellation terms in their contracts. As sad as this is, they might be unwilling to refund you if this is what has been stated in their forms. You might also lose money if any food you have bought has perished, and the same can be true of the flowers you bought for your wedding. Having saved up for these things, you might be more than a little frustrated and upset if you now find yourself struggling to bring in more money to cover your wedding essentials. However, as we discussed in the following linked article, there are ways to bring your wedding costs down. So, don’t dismay if you’re low on funds. Use our ideas and research other budget wedding ideas online.


You may be feeling blue right now, but think of the positives. You have somebody in your life who loves you. You have people on your side to support you. And there will be a day when the stresses you are going through right now will be over. So, try to stay hopeful, look to the future with excitement and gladness, and know that when you are saying your wedding vows in months from now, they will have special resonance after the difficult times we are now experiencing.

Take care, stay safe, and with a few adjustments, you’ll have that wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

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