Can You Cure Snoring? You Bet You Can!

Snoring might seem funny at first. But if you sleep next to a partner, it can create all kinds of problems. They might get cranky, be unable to sleep, and hold you responsible!

Snoring is something that affects around 45 percent of adults. The majority of people who snore actually have a condition called “obstructive sleep apnea.” It happens when air can’t get from the nose to the lungs without vibrating the tissue in the back of the neck (and elsewhere). 

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to beat snoring. Check them out below. 

Can You Cure Snoring

Lose Those Extra Pounds

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but carrying around a few extra pounds is the number one predictor of snoring. That’s because when you gain weight, it accumulates around your neck and chest. And then can narrow your airways while you sleep, decreasing the diameter of the throat. 

Please note, though, that thin people can snore too. So this is not always a solution. 

Drink Less

Have you ever noticed that your snoring gets worse when you drink more? If so, you could be one of the thousands of people who need to reduce their alcohol consumption to reclaim their health

If you do need to drink, make sure that you have alcohol around lunchtime. Don’t take it less than four hours before you go to bed as this makes snoring much more likely. 

Open Your Airways

Doing things that help your airways to open is an excellent way to reduce the chance that you’ll start snoring. 

As you might guess, there are several ways that you can do this. One option, for instance, is to unclog your nasal passages. You can do this by taking a warm shower before you go to bed. The steam will encourage the nose to open up. You can also try nasal strips to see if they work. 

Many people get sleep apnea treatment to prevent snoring. Here, doctors give them a device called a CPAP machine. It helps to keep the air pressure in your air passages and lungs high, reducing the likelihood of narrowing during sleep. 

You can also use a mouthguard. These devices keep the mouth slightly open, again helping to open the airways a little. Which solution you require depends on your kind of snoring. 

Stop Working So Hard

If you’re a driven person, you like getting up in the morning and immediately getting on with work, perhaps toiling away late into the evening. But research is increasingly showing that this isn’t always such a good idea. Being in a constant state of alertness doesn’t give your brain enough time to rest. So when you do finally hit the sack, all your neck and throat muscles relax more than usual. And that increases your snoring risk. 

So, in summary, snoring is something you can cure. But it takes a few lifestyle modifications. Sleeping more, getting exercise, losing weight and avoiding bad habits can all help tremendously.

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