Buggy Love Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review.

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

All opinions are my own.

Once again mommy and I scoured the world wide web searching for the best of the best for you busy moms when it comes to organic all natural stuff. This time it doesn’t go in or on my body. No, no, no! This time its for that other thing that we all love to sit in. Well when I say we, I’m talking about us little ones! I’m talking about that thing that you mommies and you daddies too like to put us in whenever we going out for a while. 

Ok maybe you still don’t know what I’m talking about so let me tell you what it is. I swear sometimes even I get lost when I’m trying to explain something. Let me introduce you to Buggy Love. Now Buggy Love doesn’t take their mission lightly. When they say they’re organic, they really mean it!! 

Mommy and I were sent the Buggy Love Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit and we couldn’t wait to use it. Now if you’re wondering what came in that cleaning kit, you don’t need to worry because I’m going to tell you. Everything you need to clean your stroller is in there. My kit included:

Polish Love: Organic, sweet orange solution created to shine up stroller frames, tires, hardware and all of those stroller accessories in a snap. 

Fabric Love:  See ya’ milk and formula spots! 4 oz. and/or 1 oz. of highly concentrated, organic, clementine scented solution for safe and effective use on most fabrics. Easily remove stains that appear on strollers, carseats, high chairs,and even your favorite chair or shirt!  

Wheel Love: 1.5 oz. of the first-ever, all natural, stroller wheel lube that eliminates squeaks and squeals.  

Fresh Love: 8 oz. of exotic and soothing, organic, rosehip scented solution for all-over freshening. Life is short, it should smell sweet everywhere you go. Neutralize unpleasant scents on strollers, car seats, changing tables, play areas, bathrooms or, well…anywhere. 

Re-usable To-Go Bag, Wheel Scrub Brush, and Re-claimed Microfiber Cloth.

Now of course mommy was going to have to try some of these products out. After all we can’t review them unless we try them right? 

Well mommy and I tried out every single one of these products but mommy only thought to take before and after pics of the wheel. Silly mommy wasn’t thinking. Now after running around in my stroller the wheels doesn’t look as great as they did so mommy used the Polish Love. Can you see the difference? Mommy’s camera didn’t do the picture justice but you can clearly see. Well if I can I think you can too.

Dirty Wheel before Polish Love
Clean and Sparkling Wheel after Polish Love

Now all these products work amazingly well at what they do. Not only do they work well but they smell really good too. I kept trying to sniff it as mommy was using them and mommy said she didn’t trust me near the products because they smelled too good. 

Guess what? Buggy Love knew that us little ones would be attracted to that yummy smell so they have a warning on EVERY bottle. Yes they sure do! It says “I smell yummy but I am NOT a food. Do NOT drink me.” 

Now remember I mentioned that Buggy Love products were Organic? Buggy Love products do not contain any of the carcinogenic ingredients found in other products. After all Buggy Love lives by some pretty simple standards… Protect our children. Defend our planet. Improve our world. They also thrive to educate consumers on the difference between being organic and being natural. Now if you would like a little lesson take a look at their mission statement and find out why Buggy Love products are considered the best! Don’t just take my word for it.

Now you definitely know that Buggy Love is going to get my Two Tiny Thumbs Up, not just for being an environmentally friendly and organic company but for actually making my stroller look brand new again. Mommy and I recommend giving this to all new moms for their stroller. Makes a great baby shower gift don’t you think? They would love you for it!

You can connect with Buggy Love via their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Pages.

One Earth.  One LOVE. BuggyLOVE.

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