2 Red Hens Toy Nanny Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review.

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

All opinions are my own.

Mommy and I recently received the Toy Nanny from 2 Red Hens and boy were we amazed. As you may know, I currently live in Colorado and we’re having lots of rain so mommy and I weren’t able to really test this outside but we know that if we did it would have worked like a charm.

I love making a mess, I really do! I hate to clean up after myself. Mommy sings that cleanup song and although I do it, I do it on my own time and after mommy has said to do it about a million times. I think mommy was happier to receive the Toy Nanny than I was. Sure I’m happy because now I don’t have to do as much cleaning up but now mommy doesn’t have to either.

The Toy Nanny is really simple to use. Once you get it out of the package you simply lay it flat wherever you want it and open. Perfect for outdoor play. We even loved the little button that keeps it closed when not in use. Such detail!

Mommy calls it her all in one toy bag – play mat – baby bag. It does it all! We tested it out in my room and here is what I have to say! The Toy Nanny makes cleanup super easy. Now mommy says that every time I play in my room it has to be on the Toy Nanny.

The outside that lays flat on the floor is completely water resistant so you have no fear of your little one getting wet while playing and also prevents spills from soaking through. It also has 8 pockets where you can store little things all secured by a velcro tab. Mommy decided to put a book and a few diapers in there. With 8 pockets your possibilities are endless.

The inside has soft velour so it’s pretty comfortable as you can see. I enjoyed sitting on it and had lots of fun playing with my blocks. When I was finished the best part about this and the reason why mommy insists I play on my Toy Nanny is, it all folds up pretty easy. Everything stays inside and it looks like a bag. All you do is pull the straps together and voila you’re done! Now all my toys are stored on the inside.

 The 2 Red Hens Toy Nanny gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!!

The Toy Nanny is available in 5 custom-designed vintage-inspired patterns: Chevron Stripes, Grey Damask, Peacock Mum, Pink Lemonade and Owl Dots. Recommended retail: $50.

Here’s a little tidbit about the 2 Red Hens Founder Lori:

Meet Lori Holliday, founder, idea girl, and resident ‘Mama Hen’ behind 2 Red Hens Studio; a modern day renaissance gal with knack for fashion and love of domesticity. Lori grew up in a huge family on a 1,000 acre farm in rural Arizona. She filled her days playing school, drawing pictures using every color in her 48-pack crayon box and organizing the house. Today, Lori incorporates that same philosophy into her design. 2 Red Hens offers beautiful things for Mom and Baby – from beautiful diaper bags made of fabric designed by Lori to one-of-a-kind Limited Edition bags made from reclaimed leather and innovative products that solve some problems, like the Toy Nanny and Bibby Mat. “Having kids has been my biggest test lab. Besides making things pretty, I try to develop product that helps make life a teeny bit easier, so Mom can focus on more important things – like spending time with Baby.

Look for 2 Red Hens founder Lori Holliday featured on the current issue of Where Women Create.

You can connect with 2 Red Hens via their Website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Now here is the amazing part of this review. Now you mommies and you daddies too can enter to win your very own Toy Nanny. You can make cleaning up as easy as mommy and I. One of you my awesome reader will win your very own Toy Nanny. The giveaway is sponsored and will be delivered by 2 Red Hens and is opened to both US and Canadian Residents. Yay Canada gets in on the act too! Winner will be chosen by PunchTab and will have 48hrs to respond to the email sent from PunchTab or a new winner will be announced.

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