Bobux – The Next Best Thing to Barefoot

I have a very active 4yr old, a little too active at times, and boy does she keep me busy. She runs, jumps, and very rarely walks and I need shoes that can not only keep up with her, but are durable and flexible. She’s still at a stage where her feet is still developing so I look for shoes that are made just for her, shoes that are generally made of leather (leather molds to your feet and is better for you) and flexible enough for her to run, jump and keep up with her busy lifestyle. While I occasionally buy the designer shoes for special occasions that absolutely does NOTHING for her feet, for everyday wear it’s an entirely different ballgame. At home, besides the occasional sock wear, Madison is usually barefoot. You may remember I did a post almost 2 years ago about the benefits of going barefoot and I still believe in those benefits, so when offered the opportunity to work along with Bobux and their I-WALK line, I couldn’t pass it up. Bobux after all claimed that their shoes are the next best thing to barefoot and I wanted to put them to the test. Bobux however makes footwear for all stages of growth, from newborn right through the toddler/pre-school stage, for both boys and girls.

We decided to choose the Bobux I-Walk Twist Sandal for a number of reasons. Our main reason being that the 4th of July is fast approaching and besides having the perfect dress, we also wanted the perfect shoes and the Twist had all the colors that we wanted. Just take a look at that red, white and blue! Unlike most of Bobux shoes which are all 100% leather, the Twist however, is a combination of both leather and canvas upper. However, that’s where the differences ends. It has the same flexible durable threaded outsole like all of Bobux footwear complete with breathable leather padded footbed. It was pretty easy to get her sized correctly since Bobux offers a size chart so there are no errors.

Now the I-WALK line is made for children who have started walking and are recommended for ages 15 months to 5 years. They are also made for indoor and outdoor use and come in lots of awesome style and colors. Now the best way for us to test drive these shoes was to take them to the park. After all she could run, jump, climb and do everything she does on a regular day. Madison couldn’t wait to put them on and since these are sandals that come with easy hook and loop closures, it was easy for her to put on and take off all on her own, boosting her confidence level just a little bit more.

As you can see from my photos, Madison was able to run, jump, climb and even hold on and ride the zipline at the park quite comfortably. I kept asking if her shoes bothered her and luckily she’s at the age where she can tell me whether or not something is wrong. According to her, they “feel good” on her feet. They are rather lightweight and flexible, and I looked at her when she climbed and noticed that they bent with her feet. I tested them on all terrain as well, gravel, grass and woodchips on the playground and there were no complaints there either. I am truly impressed with the Bobux I-WALK line of shoes and I see myself purchasing a few more pairs in the future. Since they are leather I expect them to last quite a long time as well.

I highly recommend getting your children Bobux shoes if they can fit into them. You most certainly won’t regret it, and they’ve convinced me, they are the next best thing to barefoot!

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