Big Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Sometimes, we simply can’t have the size of bathroom we want. Since expanding is usually out of the question because of the lack of room, there is still something you can do. These big ideas for a small bathroom will help you remodel it to make it stylish and practical.

Use Storage to Emphasize Functionality

Clutter is the first thing that you can remove and clear up space, which will immediately make your bathroom bigger. However, you still need to find a place for your toiletries, towels, and other necessities, so building a storage space is an ideal way to deal with this issue. When it comes to remodeling, shelves are the perfect addition for small bathrooms since they free up the lower area and increase the functionality of the space.

Also, the floor-to-ceiling cabinet will give you enough room to store all your things without taking up too much of the space. The under-sink area is also ideal for creating compartments for storage boxes, and you can add shelves in the area above the toilet as well.

Good Lighting is Crucial

If you have access to natural light, then make the window as big as possible since the sun will make the space more open and more prominent. However, if you lack access to sunlight, then you will easily get warm, sunny tones with artificial lights. Also, don’t forget to add lights at each side of the mirror so you can efficiently perform your beauty routine and also eliminate shadows to expand the space.

Think about Colors and Designs

Color and design choice will have a considerable impact on the appearance of your bathroom, thus helping it look bigger or making it cramped. It’s essential to use natural materials since plastic will make an already small bathroom look cheap. Clear glass panels for the showers and baths instead of curtains will open up space and make it more stylish.  While installing top class stone tiles all the way up to the ceiling will give your bathroom extra height and elegance.

The same color shades all around will create an illusion of a deeper space, and for better results, paint the ceiling as well. Use neutral colors and lighter shades, although you can add geometrical patterns here and there to make the décor more interesting. Just avoid dark towns since they will shrink the space even more and disturb the organically relaxing vibe present in bathrooms.

Choose Space-Saving Sinks

Small bathrooms usually mean that you will have to sacrifice some comfort in order to create functional space. However, this doesn’t mean your bathroom upgrades still can’t be elegant and stylish. Choose a see-through glass sink that will look modern and open up space some more.

If you want a vanity, use a floating one that doesn’t have storage space underneath so you will be able to move more comfortably. Round sinks and vanities not only go better with small bathrooms but also will be less of an annoyance than those with sharp edges when you bump into them.

Double the Space with Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are that design trick that will help you create the illusion of bigger space. Install the biggest mirror you can above your vanity and place an interesting artwork across from it to make the area more appealing. Surfaces like specially coated tiles to reflect the light is perfect for doubling the room and adding dramatic flair to the décor.

Replace a Bathtub With Shower

A bathtub has its advantages, but it also takes up more space and makes your bathroom look smaller than it is. Replacing it with a shower is not a bad thing, and there are many creative ways to make it look amazing. Create a mosaic for the walls and use an overhead shower head to make it more innovative and modern.

You can still add some spa-like elements that you believe are lost with removing the bathtub. For example, install the steam shower generator to enjoy your private sauna from time to time. And also, add a folding bench inside the stall to make the experience more comfortable. 

In Conclusion

A small bathroom is not a bad thing, and with these big ideas, you will easily create exciting and modern décor. You may have to sacrifice some commodities, like having a bathtub or a bidet, but there are creative ways to replace them as well. In the end, you will have a gorgeous bathroom without having to demolish walls and go over your budget for renovations.

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