Your Ultimate Travel Essential Checklist

Your Ultimate Travel Essential Checklist

Getting too excited or too busy before traveling is all too common, and you can forget a lot of things that are important for your comfort. Having a guide is vital to enable you to pack what is essential to you.  If you are unsure what to pack, the following essential items are perfect for short domestic and long international flights.

Your ultimate travel essentials for your next trip


If flying on a domestic flight, a Real ID, military ID or US Passport will meet your requirements at security.  However, for international flights, double-check your passport, your credit cards as well as cash at hand, confirm your visa requirements, and if you need to print out make two copies. Have a printed copy of your itinerary including hotel location and directions on how to get from point A to point B. You never know when you will have the internet again. Check these items at least twice before leaving the house. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are a must carry, do not assume your hotel will provide these.

First-Aid Kit/Medicine

You do not want to worry about finding pharmacies in a new area at 2 am. Include painkillers and medicine that you are prescribed to use, and do not forget the doctor’s note. Make sure to refill your prescriptions before your trip. Airport water is not cheap, so carry a water bottle and refill with the free water instead. Do not forget bug repellents.

Your Ultimate Travel Essential Checklist


Carry a book or download music to listen to as long flights are very dull, and so are the long boring hotel nights. Grab a book you always wanted to read or a magazine. If reading is not for you, get a one-player game for your trip, such as scrabble.


Protect your skin from burns by carrying sunscreen and lotions in small-sized containers. You might assume you will find your skincare product at your destination, but you may be very wrong as different cities have different demands for products and your favorite lip balm might be out nowhere to be found, so,  make a point and carry from home. Sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes are great as well.

Your Ultimate Travel Essential Checklist


Always pack a scarf, always!. You might get a cold hotel room, or it might decide to rain after the weather report claimed sunshine all day. Pack for emergencies, take one item of clothing for all seasons. While an umbrella may take up much-needed space in your carry-on, ensure that you take along a hat. Take a neck pillow as well to ensure your comfort while traveling, especially on long flights.


Check your charger, your phone, laptop or iPad, and kindle. They are a great way to communicate with people back home and also to make plans at your destination. Download apps that are helpful such as maps, transportation, and food. Do not forget the power bank or an extra battery for your electronics. Pack them in your carry-on luggage, including expensive and sentimental items.

Your Ultimate Travel Essential Checklist

You want to be prepared and make sure you have what you may need to feel comfortable during your trip. Using a checklist is a great way to make sure you do not forget anything important, whether you pack your own bag or not. 

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