July 2013 Stork Stack Toddler Box Review

Ok its time for our monthly review of our Stork Stack Toddler Box. Last month we were pleasantly surprised. This month not so much so. For those who don’t know about Stork Stack,  its a monthly subscription box service that caters to babies from the third trimester to toddlers up to age 3. I’m only 17 months old so I get the toddler box.☺

The theme for this month was “READY, SET, SUMMER!” and the card read: 

Are you ready? Well, get set! It’s time for summer! With sunny days, buggy nights, barbecues and picnics with friends, we are certainly in the throes of the summer months. This July we have carefully chosen items sure to contribute to the fun and feel of summer. Whether you and your little ones are ready to protect that skin and head out to the beach or find a shady spot in the yard to read a book together, you’ll find what you need in this month’s Ready, Set Summer! Stack.

This month’s products were promoted by Child’s Play, Supergoop, Banz, Bitsy’s Brainfood and Melissa & Doug. We had never heard of a few of them so we were looking forward to seeing what they were and trying them. Without further ado here goes our products.

Bitsy’s Brainfood: Assorted Smartsnacks – $2.50


At Bitsy’s Brainfood, our goal is to make mega-delicious, ultra-nutritous snacks and super-smart resources that nurture kids’ bodies, minds, and imagination – to teach them to crave the right foods, and to make learning fun. At Bitsy’s we believe that every moment is an opportunity for learning – even snack time. That’s why, for us, being healthy means celebrating the foods we want our kids to eat (we’re not hiding any carrots around here) and inspiring them to learn and grow wherever and whenever we can: through interactive packaging, super cool stickers, characters that spark little imaginations, and a website designed to keep kids engaged and mentally active until it’s time to back outside and play. Be smart, eat smart.

Ok the name sounded weird. Lemon Broccoli? Surprisingly though these tasted good and before I knew it I had eaten the entire box with a little help from my big brother I might add.

Melissa & Doug: Slide & Seek Safari Baby & Toddler Toy – $5.99


When little ones grasp and pull the two halves of this wooden toy, the adorable animals “stretch” to reveal surprise friends! With a different animal pair on each side, this wooden baby and toddler toy is lots of fun to pull open, click close and turn around again and again. Classic styling and wooden construction make First Play Slide & Seek Safari and ideal first-birthday present, and a wonderful challenge for little ones working on hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It’s beautifully designed, durably made and full of playtime ideas for parents and babies to share!

I would not have chosen this toy for myself. This does not do much for me and I was not interested in this at all when mommy took it out the wrapper. There is an alligator on the other side and even when mommy showed me how to play with this I still couldn’t be bothered. This does say that this is for babies 12m+

Child’s Play International: Grow It! (Helping Hands) – $5.99


Which plants shall we grow? Where should we plant them? And how do we care for them? Helping with real tasks is a natural progression from pretend play, and is a crucial stage in a child’s development. Achieving a shared goal encourages a sense of responsibility, and develops many skills useful in later life. Simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child.

We loved this book. Most of you who have been reading our blog know that we’re avid book readers, both mommy and I so we love any book sent our way. This book is also a series of books so mommy said she might get the others. The illustrations are beautiful and the pages aren’t made of that regular paper that I can rip easily so mommy and I liked that as well.

Baby Banz: Baby UPF 50+ Reversible Bucket Hats – $19.00


New from Baby Banz! Our popular bucket hat now in reversible prints! Baby Banz Hatz were originally designed in Australia for one of the world’s toughest UV environments. Baby Banz Hatz have been clinically tested to Australian Standards for Fabric UV protection and have a UP rating of 50+. The hat is adjustable to fit a range of sizes with our new back overlapping velcro closure!

I have quite a number of hats and this is the ugliest one yet. I tried it on and then immediately threw it to the side. Mommy tried to get me to put it back on but I wasn’t having that! Mommy loved the fact that the fabric has a UPF rating of 50+ but she didn’t like the ugly color either. I guess I won’t be wearing this much.

Supergoop: $19.00 – 60z


Here at Supergoop! We think the sun rises and sets on skincare. In 2007, founder Holly Thaggard created the first line of advanced UV protective sunscreens with a singular purpose: to prevent sun damage 365 days a year and to say goodbye to the bad stuff, like parabens, petrochemicals, and fragances. Supergoop! has grown into a family of highly-technical skincare solutions, using the most powerful antioxidants and scientific ingredients that protect, combat the signs of aging, and promote healthier, youthful skin. 

We also have a not-so-secret soft spot for kids. We’re focused on preserving their right to play outdoors while protecting their bright futures with the proper skincare. As a leader in advanced protection research, Supergoop! believes that healthy skincare habits must start early. This product can be used by mom and baby alike.  

These were all samples and we haven’t gotten a chance to use these as yet. We plan on using them since we always use sunscreen when going outside. 

Our July Stork Stack box was a little disappointing. I didn’t like everything that came in the box but we’re going to continue for yet another month. Join us next month when we reveal our new products once again.

ok mommy this hat is so not me! 
I sure do love these Lemon Broccoli snacks. 

The monthly subscription for your Stork Stack box is $27.99/month but if you want to get your own Stork Stack box you can use this link to get $10 off your first box. If the link doesn’t work you can use the following discount code A241300F.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links!

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