Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness

We’ve done it again! Guess who has been nominated for another award? You got it right! Little young me. I have just been nominated for the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness. Now, how awesome am I? Someone else besides me thinks that I’m Epically Awesome!

Our good friends over at Domesticated Breakdown thought I was awesome enough to get this award. Thank you. I’m starting to think I’m super awesome too. Domesticated Breakdown is an awesome blog as well. Have I said awesome enough? I don’t think so! I’m totally AWESOME! ok enough!

Well in order to accept my award there are some rules you know. So here goes:

Display Award Logo – check 

Link back to the person who nominated you – check

Share 10 things about myself – uh oh

Nominate up to 10 other bloggers – should be easy right after all there are more than 10 blogs I read on a daily basis

Well here goes the 10 epically awesome things about myself:

  • For those that aren’t aware, I’m only 17 months old. Say what?! 17 months old and blogging? Yeah I’m totally awesome like that!  Ok…ok I promise not to use that word again. 
  • I’m a military brat! Actually I’m not a brat, I’m a totally awesome normal kid whose mom just happens to be military. 
  • I love to play outdoors. Who doesn’t really as a kid? Actually I take that back because my brothers would prefer to stay indoors and play video games if they get the chance to.
  • I have 2 dogs, 1 cat who is my very best friend named Kitty and 5 goldfish. Yeah a lot of pets, I know but they’re all my friends, especially Kitty. We’re Bonnie and Clyde. 
  • I also have 1 big sister and 2 big brothers. My big sister will be heading to college so guess what makes me? The only girl in the house starting next year. Yay me!
  • I hate drinking regular cows milk so I don’t drink it. I hate the taste of it! It makes me shudder just thinking of it. ugh! 
  • I’m a very picky eater but I love eating fruits and veggies. Is that weird that a toddler loves her veggies? I didn’t think so! I would much prefer eating that over meat any day. Maybe I’m destined to become a vegetarian like my big sister.
  • I started walking at the young age of 9 months but I can still only say a few words. Guess my speech skills haven’t yet caught up with my motor skills but I’m hoping that it does very soon. I’m tired of gesturing and babbling and mommy saying that I sound like I’m talking Chinese. 
  • I’m a total fashionista. I especially love shoes! If I go into a store, please don’t pass by the shoe department because I’m definitely going in there. As long as my size is available there is going to be a shoe for me!
  • Last but certainly not least. I consider myself to be a Christian. Mommy is currently instilling (her word again) in me all that I need to learn and I just love going to church with mommy. She has even been teaching me to pray at nights before I go to bed. I’m getting the hang of it but I still don’t close my eyes when I pray. Well only for a moment, but that’s because I want to see what’s going on around me. It’s never anything much but I still want to see! 

Ok I thought this would have been easy but it’s actually not. There are so many awesome great blogs that I read on an almost daily basis. If you haven’t read some of them you can should check out the ones that I nominated for the Liebster Award. My very first award. I now want to share with you some others. So here goes.

Now my nominees for the (ok I have to say these one last time, promise it’s the vey last time) Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness are: 

Southern Mess Mom

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Lindsay Rae Mama Extraordinaire

Kathryn Tall and Strong

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Six Feet Under Blog

Ok that was tough! There are so much more amazing blogs that I read but I couldn’t list them all. They are all unique in their own way just like me. Be sure to pay them a visit and tell them that Madison sent you!

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