Best Things To Do During the Christmas Holidays

Looking for some of the best things to do during the Christmas holidays? I’ve got you covered!

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to make memories with family and friends. There are so many fun activities you can do together, from baking cookies to going on an outdoor adventure. I don’t know about your family, but my family just loves the holidays. Whether we’re decorating our home, hanging the stocking at the fireplace, or hiding gifts so the kids can’t guess what they are, Christmas is very special to us.

It’s also a time to create those special holiday traditions that your children will remember for years to come. One such tradition we have is that everyone gets to open one gift the night before Christmas. It’s usually the stocking stuffer, but it’s something we all look forward to. Every Christmas, my family and I would put on matching pajamas and sit on the floor, opening gifts and giving thanks for everything we had, knowing that not everyone was as fortunate as we were. It’s also one of the reasons our new “three-gift Christmas rule” came into play.

While everything on our list today isn’t always doable, here are a few of the best things to do during the Christmas holidays:

1. Enjoy a winter wonderland.

One of the most magical experiences during the Christmas season is visiting a winter wonderland or holiday light display. Whether it’s taking in a massive ice sculpture park or just driving around town looking at all of the festive decorations, there’s something special about seeing your hometown transformed by sparkling lights and snowflakes!

2. Catch a live show or concert.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to see a live performance? There are so many festive events to choose from, like Christmas plays, ballets, and musical performances. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not check out a local holiday-themed concert or outdoor show?

3. Make homemade gifts for family and friends.

One of the best ways to show someone how much you care is by making something special just for them. During the Christmas season, why not take some time to make handmade gifts? From mugs with personalized notes to knitted scarves or even DIY decorations, crafting something special will mean more than any store-bought gift!

4. Host an old-fashioned Christmas party.

Gather all your closest family and friends together for a festive gathering like no other! Set up some classic Christmas games and activities, fill everyone’s plates with holiday snacks and drinks, and play some of your favorite Christmas songs. It’s a great way to make lasting memories, as well as create new traditions to keep for years to come!

5. Take a road trip.

If you have the time (and money!) during the holidays, why not plan an epic road trip? Whether it’s visiting a nearby city or taking a cross-country adventure, traveling is always one of the best ways to escape the everyday routine and explore something new. Plus, what better time to do it than during the most wonderful time of year?

6. Watch Christmas movies.

Nothing says Christmas like curling up on the couch with your loved ones and watching some classic holiday movies. From Miracle on 34th Street to A Christmas Story to The Polar Express, there’s no shortage of festive films to choose from, so pick out a few favorites and get ready for an evening of cheer!

7. Visit a Christmas tree farm.

If you’re looking for something unique to do during the holidays, why not visit a nearby Christmas tree farm? Not only is it an exciting experience to explore all of the different types of trees and pick out your own, but it also makes for some wonderful family photos!

8. Bake Christmas cookies.

No holiday season would be complete without baking up some delicious (and usually messy!) Christmas treats! Whether it’s making classic sugar cutouts or trying out a new recipe, everyone will enjoy snacking on these festive goodies. Plus, they make great gifts to give away, too. Consider giving some to your neighbors, teachers, or even your favorite delivery person.

9. Decorate your home with lights and decorations.

It’s always fun to give your home a festive makeover during the Christmas season! It’s actually my favorite thing to do. Take some time to hang up your favorite string lights, stock up on ornaments, and decorate with all the colors of the rainbow. It really brings the holiday spirit to life and gives you something to show off when guests come over!

10. Build a gingerbread house.

It’s not Christmas without a homemade gingerbread house! Whether you construct one from scratch or buy a kit at the store, this is an activity that all ages can enjoy. Plus, it makes for a great decoration when it’s all finished!

11. Go ice skating or sledding.

Wintertime activities are some of the most fun to do during the holiday season! Find a nearby lake, pond (with adult supervision, of course), or even your local park, and don your warmest jackets and gloves for a day full of outdoor adventure. Whether it’s going ice skating or snow tubing, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

12. Attend a holiday festival or parade.

Many cities host wonderful events during the Christmas season that make for great family outings! From caroling in the city square to festive neighborhood parades and markets, there are so many activities to check out and enjoy with the ones you love.

13. Enjoy a Christmas Day brunch.

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a delicious Christmas Day brunch? Make it extra special by inviting friends and family over for a cozy meal, and serve up some delectable dishes that bring everyone together!

14. Take part in Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges.

Gather your group of friends, family members, or coworkers for an exciting game of giving during the holidays! All you need is one big present per person, lots of wrapping paper, and plenty of festive cheer—then let the guessing begin!

15. Give back to those in need.

The Christmas season is all about showing kindness and giving back where you can. Whether it’s volunteering at a homeless shelter, donating items to an animal rescue, or simply spreading acts of kindness throughout your community, these small gestures make a huge difference in someone’s life!

16. Have a snowball fight.

If you live somewhere with chilly temperatures and lots of snow, then why not take advantage of it? Bundle up and head outside for some good old-fashioned winter fun, and don’t forget to arm yourself with plenty of snowballs! It’s sure to be a blast!

17. Go caroling door to door.

Caroling, an old-fashioned tradition that never gets old, is the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer! Pick out your favorite Christmas songs, gather up a group of friends, and go door to door singing your hearts out. It’s sure to bring smiles to all who listen!

18. Try a new winter sport.

If you’re looking for something exciting and different this holiday season, why not try out a new winter sport? From snowshoeing and skiing to ice fishing and snowmobiling, there are so many fun activities that await you outside!

19. Spend time with family and friends.

No matter what you choose to do during the holidays, it’s always important to take some time for those you love most. Whether it’s hosting a dinner party or taking a weekend getaway, make sure your loved ones know just how much they mean to you this season.

20. Create new holiday traditions.

It’s never too late to start fresh with new Christmas traditions! Maybe it’s baking cookies on the first day of December or exchanging gifts in matching pajamas—whatever it is, these special moments create lasting memories that will bring joy for years to come!

Create New Holiday Traditions

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the best activities for enjoying the Christmas holidays. So don’t forget to have some fun this year. From baking cookies and visiting a winter wonderland to taking road trips and watching classic movies, there’s no shortage of things to do during this special time of year.

No matter how you decide to spend your time during the Christmas holidays, it’s sure to be memorable. So embrace this special season and make lasting memories with the people that mean the most! Happy holidays!

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