Christmas Traditions That Doesn’t Involve Money

Christmas Traditions That Doesn't Involve Money

Tis the season for spending money! Or so it seems! Every time you turn around there is another opportunity to write a check, buy another present or spend another dollar. Many of the standard Christmas traditions require a trip to the grocery or store to spend even more money. Sometimes it seems like you aren’t even a good parent if you don’t buy the right things to help your kids celebrate the holidays and traditions. But I’ve got 3 ideas for Christmas traditions that doesn’t involve money!

Christmas Traditions That Doesn't Involve Money

Skip the Mall Picture with Santa

If you go to the mall to get the picture with Santa, be prepared to spend some serious money. Sure, the background is professional and the elves create a festive event, but there are ways to get a picture with Santa for free. Be watching for the local fire station, church event or school program where they have a Santa in attendance. If you know a friend with a Santa costume, arrange to have a personal visit to your house, then pay the Santa in cookies or homemade goodies. Many Walmart stores will have a free day where you can go get a picture with Santa for FREE.

Go Christmas Caroling

Going Christmas caroling used to be a standard event in most communities. Maybe this is the year to bring back this free tradition. Whether you go with your family, kids or a group of friends, you can make some holiday memories and spread some good cheer by singing some of the classic Christmas carols. If it’s rainy or too cold to be outside, then call up your local nursing home or retirement center and get permission to carol through the halls. The residents will be thrilled and you will be making a difference in the lives of those who can’t get out and enjoy the festive holidays.

Work on a Puzzle

On the long, winter nights when it gets dark early and it’s too cold to be outside, why not bring out a puzzle? Kids of all ages can enjoy working the puzzles, helping find the same colors or look for the edge pieces. Pop a bag of popcorn, turn on some Christmas music and enjoy an old fashioned, free, holiday tradition.

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