Baby Shower Essentials

It has become a common tradition for expectant mothers to have a baby shower. Usually friends or family will help plan this event so that the mommy-to-be can sit back and not worry about the planning process. If you’re about to plan a baby shower for someone in your life, here are a few essentials you need to make sure are included.


Planning the baby shower décor can be so much fun! If the mommy-to-be knows whether she’s having a boy or girl, you can plan the décor accordingly. If the sex of the baby is going to be a surprise, there are many gender-neutral ideas out there. Simply find a theme that works for the mom, and go from there! Sites like Pinterest have great ideas that will make the baby shower décor look absolutely fabulous.


No matter what time of day you plan the baby shower, it’s important that you have some type of food available for guests. If the baby shower is scheduled for lunchtime, you should probably plan to provide a light meal like sandwiches. You can also have some fun with baby shower foods, putting dressings in bottles or making individual desserts in baby food jars.


Don’t forget to keep your guests entertained! You should have some games and activities at the baby shower to help make the event more fun. Some great traditional games include predicting when the baby will be born, tasting baby foods and guessing what flavor they are, and much more. Be sure to reward the winners of these games with a party favor that matches the baby shower’s theme.


Gifts are definitely a baby shower essential. The whole point of having a baby shower is to help the new parents get ready for that little bundle of joy. Traditionally, the new mom and dad go together to register for the gifts they need. This can be daunting for new parents since they might not know what will prove once the baby is at home.

What other baby shower essentials have you done?

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