5 Most Scenic Trails in America You Have To Cross Off Your Bucket List

Fall is probably the most perfect season for hiking. Not only because the temperature isn’t too high or too low, but the landscapes and colors you can experience in nature during the fall are simply breathtaking. However, if you are tired of hiking in the nearby forest or hill, it’s time you do a bit of research and hike through the most scenic trails in America.


Before you start your hiking trip, there are some things you need to prepare. The first thing on the list is choosing the right destination. You can dig a little, ask questions and check out the tours in the most popular trails you want to explore and decide if you can do it, based on the terrain, length, and your fitness.

Also, you have to make sure to have all the necessary equipment for your hike. The necessities include enough food and water, a tent if you plan on camping out and some spare clothes. However, your shoes are going to be your most important piece of equipment. They should be really durable and really comfortable. You don’t want your feet to get tired or blistered, so make sure to invest enough time in picking the right hiking boots.

Lastly, you should train a little for your hiking trip. Go to the gym and rely on weights to boost your strength and do a fair share of cardio exercises. If your body isn’t strong enough, you might get too tired too early on your trip, which will only make you back out. So, lift some weights and practice carrying your backpack, since you should get used to carrying the load on your back for your trip. After you have taken care of all the necessary logistics and gathered your hiking essentials, you can move on to picking your favorite trails in America, and here is a little something to help you out.


Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah hides the most unique and mesmerizing landscapes. Plus, it has one of the best hiking trails that is certainly worth exploring. That trail is the Navajo Loop, and it is 3 miles long. Start at the Sunset Point, and you will find the place called “the main amphitheater,” and after it, the trail will lead you past some of the most beautiful scenic elements in the entire park. However, be careful because there are rocks falling, so the trail can be a bit treacherous at times. But overall, it should be on your bucket list because it gives you a glimpse into the most heavenly landscapes.


Alaska really has a lot of scenic landscapes to offer, and you can find the best ones on the Harding Icefield Trail. And even though this trail is a bit touristy by Alaska standards, it is worth a visit since it has a lot to offer. The Harding Icefield Trail is 8.2 miles long, and it’s situated in Kenai Fjords National Park. Start at the Exit Glacier, and you will find yourself climbing 1,000 feet through forest and meadows admiring the best landscapes. The end of the trails is a 700-square-mile ice field, which is truly a work of nature, and you should try out your fitness on this trail.


Besides going to Colorado to visit Colorado Springs, you should go there for the La Plata Peak and take a hike. La Plata is the fifth highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, and it is 14,336 feet high. So, if you are one of those people who love a long day hike with some really mesmerizing views, this is the trail for you. The whole trail, from the car to summit and back, is around ten miles, which is about 4,500 feet to gain. During the first few miles, you will get some great forest landscapes to see; then you will find yourself at a ridge and ascend in the last couple of miles on a talus scramble. There will be plenty of fresh air to breathe in, an abundance of landscapes to experience, and some miles to hike!


Utah is filled with natural wonders, and Zion National Park is one of them. This National Park hides one of the most mesmerizing trails, and it’s the Zion Narrows. This trail is perfect if you want to leave behind those traditional dirt trails. This is because this trail follows a series of slot canyons, through the backcountry and it a 16-mile long round-trip, filled with landscapes. What is more, the trail is filled with twisty passageways that go across the landscape, and it will offer a lot for all true explorers. However, make sure to bring hiking boots that are waterproof, because the canyon floor is often covered by a rushing river.


If you want to experience something truly unique and mesmerizing, then you should put Greenstone Ride Trails on your bucket list. This trail is located in the Isle Royal National Park, which is, in fact, an entire preserve on an isolated island. And it’s in the middle of Lake Superior in Michigan. To get to the trail, you should catch a daily ferry that will carry you to the start of the Greenstone Ridge Trail, which is 40 miles long. While on the hike, you will be a witness to the most breathtaking natural wonders, and you will get a chance to meet plenty of wildlife, including deer, moose, and wolves, so be careful.

If you are a passionate hiker who would like to experience the most magnificent trails, then these five trails should be on your bucket list. They all offer a unique piece of nature that you should definitely see, and the trails will put your hiking abilities to the challenge while you will get to enjoy them at the same time.

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