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Why You Should Watch Sofia the First ~ #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY

We love Disney Princesses, but Sofia the First is extra special and today we want to share why you should watch Disney Junior's Sofia the First, just like we do.

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Madison has caught the Disney Princess bug, but unlike the other Disney Princesses, Sofia the First is special. You see Sofia was not always a princess, but a regular (I hate the word commoner) little girl just like our own little girls. She became a princess when her mother married the king, and Sofia has no idea what it's like being a princess, so of course she has to learn how to become one. What makes her extra special is that she's also the same age as our own preschoolers for which the show is dedicated to. If you've never seen an episode you can watch the premieres on Disney Channel (during the Disney Junior morning block from 6-10am). You can also watch Sofia the First on the Disney Junior channel, a dedicated channel for all Disney Junior content (24 hours!). So what are my reasons to watch Sofia the First? Here are three!

1. Sofia Has Qualities You Want in Your Own Child
Sofia is full of compassion, and is kindhearted, loyal, honest and always willing to help those in need. Sofia remains true to herself no matter what and believes that no matter your stature in life, that you can do anything with hard work, as long as you believe in yourself. Something that I want my own little princess to know. Sofia also believes in doing the right thing always. These are all qualities that you want your little ones to emulate.

2. The Music
Like most Disney Junior shows, the music is amazing. There is a song in every episode and each one catchier than the first. Well that's my opinion. I have to admit that I sit and watch Sofia the First with Madison and my favorite so far has been "Stronger Than You Know". It teaches that even if you're small, there are still lots that you can do because you are stronger than you know.

3. You Get to See Other Disney Princesses
If you have a little one obsessed with Disney Princesses, this is a great way to see them. While each episode doesn't always include a Disney Princess cameo, you'll just have to sit and watch them all so that you can be surprised at which ones shows up. The song "Stronger Than You Know" which I mentioned above is actually sung by Mulan when she made her cameo. So far we've seen Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and even Ariel. We can't wait to see who will appear next.

While I could surely have given more reasons why you should watch Disney Junior's Sofia the First, I can say for certainty that once you've watched one episode you will be hooked. This is one of very few shows where the parents are also involved and I love the family dynamics. While we have grown accustomed to the evil stepmother, Sofia's mother (the stepmother in this case) is the epitome of kindness and treats each child as her own.

Each episode teaches forgiveness, and even the villains apologize for their wrongdoing. It's totally ok to apologize when you've done wrong, and it's also ok to forgive. So if you're looking for a show for your little ones that is filled with natural goodness, look no further than Disney Junior's Sofia the First. We can't wait for the new premiere. Madison and I will be watching and I hope you will be too.

Tune into new episodes of Sofia the First FRiYAY mornings on the Disney Channel.

  • FRiYAY,  8/4 – All-new Sofia the First @ 9am
  • FRiYAY, 8/11 – All-new Lion Guard @ 8am followed by all-new Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Puppy Dog Pals
  • FRiYAY, 8/18 – All-new Sofia The First @ 9am followed by an all-new Elena of Avalor 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Junior.

Annmarie John
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  1. Aw, my girls still love Princess Sofia and many other Disney Jr. cartoons as they honestly have the best cartoons for kids of all ages in my humble opinion. So couldn't agree more with you here on this. Plus I think you know we are truly a Disney family here through and through ;)

  2. My niece just LOVES Sophia the First and we've watched it a few times here as well together when she's over visiting. Disney Jr cartoons are the best, and the songs are rather catchy too. I am loving that photo of Sophia and Madison together.

  3. I really appreciate shows that teach compassion and empathy. Those are qualities that everyone should possess.

  4. How fun! My boys have never been into Sophia, but every single one of my nieces and the daughters of all my friends adore here and I can see why. :)

  5. I like many Disney cartoons, but I missed this one. It sounds amazing, definitely going to check it out.

  6. Those are great reasons. Scarlet started watching Sofia after she had gotten sick of some younger, less lesson-ful shows so we both fell head over heels in love with Sofia.
    We met her at Hollywood Studios earlier this year and it didn't disappoint!

  7. I loved watching this show when it first came out. The only reason we don't watch it any more is because my kids outgrew it. But it did have so many great things about it, Sofia is a lovely character and there are plenty of teachable moments.

  8. Sofia the First is one of my Daughters favorites. I love the message the show has. We are planning a Sofia the First birthday party for her.

  9. Yes, these are great reasons to watch Sofia the First. My twin granddaughters love this and they are learning a lot from the show.

  10. How have I not heard of this before now? Thank you for the heads up! It sounds like it has a great message but then again all Disney movies do!

  11. I may be a grown up adult but I love watching Sophia the First with my nieces and nephews! It's such a cute show!

  12. I remember watching this with my kids when they were little. This show is one of the regular ones that we watched back in the days.

  13. I don't have any kids but I can see why parents would love for their kids to watch this show. It's a great show that teaches kids about kindness and loving yourself and that's really important these days.

  14. My daughter has always loved Sophia the first. She has a cousin named Sophia so she always thought it was fun! She started calling her cousin sophia the first and that lead to some entertainment at family gatherings!

  15. We have always loved watching Sophia the first in our house! My daughter has loved it and even my boys always enjoy the adventures she gets into. I think it is so important to see a strong female character lead like this for my kids.

  16. My niece would enjoy watching this show. I know it was her favorite when she was younger but I don't know if she still watches it.

  17. My girl used to be into this show. She got older and doesn't watch it anymore. However, I still think it's wonderful.

  18. My friends have kids and one of them have a girl who loves to watch Sofia. All the rest have boys and I have one on the way too! I am sure it is great show though cos she cant get enough of it too!

  19. I have a niece who loves Sofia. This is such a cute show.

  20. I am the mother of a fiver year old little girl. We watch a lot of Sofia the First in our home. We love the music and I totally sing a long. I do love her story though and she has such great values and morals.

  21. I actually use to enjoy watching this show with my kids. I'm a bit sad they've outgrown it now. Glad to hear the show is still going strong for a new batch of young fans!

  22. My daughter loves watching Sofia the First on Netflix! We, of course, watch it with her, and like with all Disney shows, I love the originality of the stories, and all of the imagination of creators that goes into them! This is a great show!

  23. My niece would be so ecstatic to watch Sofia. Her favorite always changes often but she and Sofia go way back :)

  24. Glad Madison enjoys them! No girls over here to watch it, but I've heard and seen commercials of this program. My kids loved Disney Jr when they were little-- educational and fun!


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