YoYummy Yogurt was Yummy In My Tummy

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I love yogurt. There are
always yogurt in my refrigerator and whenever we go to the commissary,
(military supermarket for those who don’t know), mommy always have to pick up a
few extra even though we have at home. Not only is yogurt a great source of
calcium for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy drinking milk, but it is also a good
probiotic as well. My pediatrician actually recommended that mommy introduce
yogurt to me when I was much younger than I am now. Back then it was all about
cups and spoons but now there is such a better alternative. Introducing YoYummy! 

Let me tell you a bit
about the company before I go into how good these were. Three guys started
YoYummy with a very basic philosophy in mind: create a healthy, responsibly
made yogurt that tastes great and is affordable! YoYummy and Green Mountain
Creamery strive to support their local dairy economy and community, using only
Vermont cow milk from the Commonwealth Dairy. As a company, they are also
committed to environmental sustainability and package all of their products using
BPA-free materials.

YoYummy Yogurt comes in 4
delicious flavors and Mommy and I were sent all four. Cotton Candy, Strawberry
Banana, Mixed Berry and Strawberry. Can you guess what my favorite flavor was?
Cotton Candy of course. Since mommy doesn’t allow candy in our house I was
happy I was able to have some “candy” but the very healthy kind.
YoYummy yogurt is made with Grade-A rBST-free Vermont milk, is a good source of
calcium, and is rich in vitamin A and D.

It also has 10 percent
less sugar than the leading national brand kids’ yogurt. Real fruits and
berries add just enough natural sugar to YoYummy yogurt to make it taste sweet.
YoYummy is free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, additives,
and preservatives. It is also naturally gluten free, Kosher and comes in a BPA
free package. Now the packaging is what I really love about YoYummy Yogurt. It
is small enough for me to hold in my little hands and I love being able to
squeeze the pouch instead of scooping it out of a cup. It does come with a
no-choke cap so your little one would be safe using this. It also most
definitely makes less of a mess. I have to tell you that this was so good that
I sucked it down in less than a minute. No joke! 

Now I couldn’t keep this away from my brothers. Even
though it was addressed to me, my brother decided that it was too good for me
alone and he wanted some as well. That just goes to show you that they are
great for everyone! Mommy even had some of the strawberry banana and she loved
it. My brother Mikael ate his while at the computer desk. There is a no eating
policy while at the computer but because of the pouches he can get away with
it. Don’t worry about it spilling; the pouches actually stay standing up as you
can see.

Does YoYummy Yogurt get my
TWO TINY THUMBS UP? You bet it does. It even gets Mikael’s Big Thumbs Up
too! Thank you to Green Moms Meet for giving me the chance to review these delicious tasting yogurt. They were super yummy in my tummy!

YoYummy is available at Wegman’s,
Costco, Hannaford, Stew Leonard’s, Fresh & Easy, and Sprout’s Farmer
Markets. The retail price for YoYummy is $4.99 for a 4-pack, $9.99 for a
12-pack, and $1.29 for single pouches. 

Connect with YoYummy online to see the
latest flavors and cast your vote for the cow’s name! Their website is packed
with coloring sheets for kids, and has a special offers and coupons page for

Here are the ways to
connect with Yo Yummy!

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