Reasons to Move to Henderson, Nevada

Located just twenty minutes outside of the fabulous Las Vegas is the second-largest city in Nevada, Henderson. Home to shops, museums and unique communities, and various things to do, Henderson is full of possibilities. Moving to Henderson allows you to have so many different opportunities to reach with indoor and outdoor options.

Henderson is attractive to newcomers for its warm weather, especially during the colder months. With many options for community events and organized activities, it is the ideal location for the ever-growing area to meet new people everywhere you look.

Close To

Las Vegas is located close to Henderson and also offers many things to do and see outside of your typical Vegas walkthrough The Strip. Just twenty minutes southeast of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, Henderson is coveted for its comfortable distance from the city life. Bringing you hundreds of miles of outdoor trails and open spaces, it is the perfect place for you and your family. Henderson, Nevada lures you in with its charm, luxurious master-planned neighborhoods and events and activities for the whole family, you won’t ever be left wondering where to go next.

Cost of Living

Though Las Vegas Valley has jumped in housing and living costs, Henderson has not. Amongst the luxury housing, you can find affordable housing for your first starter or home or find a home that is perfect for settling down in. There are different kinds of accommodation for each type of income base and has something for everyone. Living costs are determined by income, housing opportunities, and median prices of goods and services in the area.

Job Growth/Opportunity

With a 2.5% job growth rate since 2010, Henderson isn’t slowing down and is the perfect place to find a new job. With many opportunities in Henderson, you also have the option of a short commute to a neighboring city or location. Home to many different types of shops and business opportunities that you will be bound to find something you love to do.


One of the best reasons to move to Henderson is the feeling of community when going there. Amongst being able to meet people out in the area by visiting some of the many trails in the area, there are also organized events and things to do in the area. The community of Cadence organizes indoor activities, maintaining a bike share program, and a shopping center located within the community as well. While you’re hiking your way through the miles of trails, you are sure to meet someone new and become friends.


Often when thinking of Nevada, the thoughts of heat and little moisture throughout the year can seem terrifying. Henderson is warm, however, one of the more comfortable places to live in Nevada. Pleasant temperatures in the winter make it enticing for many to avoid cold and extreme temperatures. The warm weather is great for meeting new and familiar faces, offering an opportunity to go for a walk, hike or ride anytime throughout the year is a great option when looking for things to do in your free time with friends and family.

Free Time

While you are in a new area, it’s a time to learn new things and what better time than to try your hand at gardening? Though being afraid that the constant sun exposure could hurt or hinder your new plants, there are quite a few plants and options that are successful in the warmer climate. When you’re not at home watering your plants and watching your new garden grow you can visit the Simpson House. Created in 1997, it was designed after watching many episodes to get every detail right. Now surrounded by homes in the subdivision and repainted, see if you can spot it yourself. Lake Las Vegas is a man-made feature on 320 acres of land that houses activities and options for your time in Henderson. Having access to the great outdoors and also indoor activities at your fingertips are just one of the many reasons to move to Henderson.

Whether you’re looking to move to be closer to family, to enjoy warmer weather, or just looking for a new adventure, Henderson has a lot to offer. From attractive living spaces and planned communities that accommodate every family, lifestyle, and budget to miles of outdoor trails to explore. In an area that seems only to be growing from here, it is the perfect place to put your family roots down and make it your home for your current and future family. The attractive communities and neighborhoods to move into offer shopping centers and organized activities to help everyone meet new people and enjoy their time in the beautiful area of Henderson.

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