Within Eye Level? It's Mine!

Hey! Have I told you yet how I can sucker mommy into getting almost anything when we go shopping? Maybe I shouldn’t say that out loud, after all she does write most of the things I want to say on this little blog that belongs to me, me, me, and I don’t want her to stop writing for me because to be honest I really can’t write that well. OK I admit it, I can’t write at all.

If mommy isn’t listening or reading this then maybe I can tell you. It’s going to be our secret ok. Just between me and you.

She didn’t go to get anything for me but how can you go shopping with me and not buy me anything? I dare you to take me somewhere and not get me anything! Better yet, I double dare you! It’s not going to happen.

Anyway, here goes my story:

Mommy bought a pool for our 4th of July BBQ over the weekend for the little kids like me who will be attending but when she got home and mommy and daddy finally put it together there was a defect. At least that’s what mommy said, I had to ask what a defect was because I had never heard that word before. The big people tend to use words that I don’t understand, but I’m learning them all. Apparently a defect in the pool meant that it was leaking. Now why couldn’t mommy just say that? Ok, the pool was leaking, much easier to understand right?

So here we go back to the store the very next day after mommy called and they said it was ok to bring it back. Have you ever noticed that the things we little kids love are usually at our level? Those people who work in those stores are pretty smart don’t you think? They put them there for us so we wouldn’t have to ask anyone to get it for us, we can get it for ourselves.

Well what do you know? There was the perfect doll sitting right there just waiting for me to take her home. I touched her and she even said “mommy”. I think she was calling me mommy but then again maybe she was telling my mommy that she wanted her to be her mommy. Whatever it was she was telling me she wanted to go home with me.

See how happy I am with my new doll?

Now the best way to do this trick I’m going to tell you is to wait until there’s a lot of people around and wait until mommy isn’t watching. Well that’s what I did. When mommy wasn’t watching I grabbed my new doll and started walking with her and everyone said “oh how cute”. That’s all I needed to hear. If I was cute how was mommy going to say “no”? Would she even be able to? If mommy did say no then everyone is going to think what a mean mommy she is for saying no, especially when I wanted that doll so badly.

Mommy did try to trick me into giving it up by giving me something else though, but that wasn’t happening. Not this time. This doll was mine and it was going home with me TODAY! If my doll wasn’t going then I wasn’t going. I was willing to lay in the middle of the floor and scream my head off if necessary. I didn’t think mommy would have liked that one bit but I wouldn’t have cared. At my age it’s all about me. Who care’s who’s looking at me having an all out fit on the floor. We were both going home with mommy whether she liked it or not.

Guess what? My trick worked. Mommy eventually gave in but you know what she said?

“You’re lucky it was on sale or you wouldn’t have gotten it.”

Yeah right?!

Moral of the story: Mommies give in so they don’t get embarrassed in front of strangers by you having an all out fit in a crowded store.

So how many of you give in to prevent a meltdown? I’d really like to hear from you.

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