Keeping Your Children’s Laundry Under Control

Let’s face it. Dirty laundry is the bane of every mother’s existence! No matter how many times you throw something in the washer, it seems like your job is never done. Sound familiar? Then you need to read these great tips on keeping your children’s laundry under control!

Set Some Rules

Before you even think about throwing a load of laundry in the washer, you need to set some rules. These rules will help both you and your children take responsibility for laundry. One of the best rules you can have is to require your children to put their dirty clothes in a laundry basket or hamper. Let them know that they’re responsible for doing this so that you know which clothes need to be washed.

Laundry Day

A great way to keep your children’s laundry under control is to assign a specific day of the week as “laundry day.” No matter which day you pick, you should always do at least one load of laundry. By doing your laundry on a regular basis, you and your children will be getting into a routine that will keep laundry clean and put away.

Recruit Your Kids

No matter what age your children are, you can still get a little help when doing the laundry. If you have younger children, you can get your kids involved by having them find matching socks. If your kids are older, you can have them help sort and fold your laundry. You might even be able to assign them a load they have to do all on their own.

Keep Things Separate

By keeping clothing separate, you’ll save yourself a step when you fold clothes and put your laundry away. Instead of doing a huge load that includes everybody’s clothes, do smaller loads for each member of your family. By keeping things separate, you’ll be able to take the entire load back into the right room, making it easier and faster to put away.

Put It Away ASAP

After going through the long process of putting a load in the washer and transferring it over the dryer, the last thing you want to do is spend another hour putting the laundry away. Even though this is such an unpleasant task, you need to make a commitment to put the laundry away as soon as it’s ready. If you don’t, the laundry pile tends to get larger and larger, making your job even more daunting!

When you’re ready to put that laundry away, you can turn on the TV or listen to some music on your phone. This will give your brain something to focus on so that you put the laundry away automatically. Soon, your laundry will be done before you know it!

By following these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to keeping that laundry under control. Anytime you’re tempted to put off laundry a day or two, just remember that the longer you wait, the more difficult your job will be!

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