Winter Activities Your Kids Will Love

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Winter. Yes Winter will officially be here! That means months filled with cold and snowy days although we’ve been having cold and snowy days since the Fall. Although your first instinct might be to keep the kids inside, you might want to reconsider your decision. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you and your kids need to stay trapped inside. There are lots of winter activities that you and your kids can enjoy together. This winter, bundle up and head outside for some snowy fun. Your kids will love it!

Build a Snowman

This might seem like an obvious winter activity, but that’s because it’s so much fun! Your kids will love going outside and playing in the snow, rolling huge snowballs for their snowmen. Let your kids “shop” in their closets for clothes and accessories to add to their snow creations. If you don’t want their clothes to go outside, you can give them spray bottles filled with food coloring. They can then spray clothes onto their snowmen, getting creative with colors and designs.

Go Ice Skating

Don’t forget to take the kids ice skating this winter! Find a local ice skating rink or a safe place outside to strap on ice skates and glide around the ice. If you have young children, most ice skating rinks have things your kids can use to keep from falling down. This allows you to plan a fun activity everyone in the family will enjoy.

Go Sledding

This winter, put on all of your snow gear and head to the hills. Your kids will have a blast speeding down the hill on sleds and tubes. You can stay warm after this fun winter activity by having hot chocolate ready at home.

Have a Snowball Fight

While you’re outside, get ready for a snowball fight. Challenge the family to a snowball fight and see who comes out on top. You can have fun building forts and protective walls to keep the snowballs away, all while having fun bonding with your family.

Make Snow Cones

After all of that playing, your kids will appreciate a tasty treat. Turn snack time into a fun winter activity by making snow cones with your kids! You can buy different kinds of syrups and flavoring so that your kids can experiment with their culinary creations.

Although you might not be able to take a trip to the beach during the winter, you can still have tons of fun with your kids.

How do you keep your kids having fun during the winter months?