Keeping Your Kids Reading Over Christmas Break

Your kids are about to start a two week break from school. You’ll probably fill their days with play dates and sleepovers, but what about learning? Just because your kids are on Christmas vacation doesn’t mean they need to take a break from reading. This Christmas break, keep your kids reading with these great tips.

Give the Gift of Books

Your kids are more likely to read this Christmas break if they have a book to be excited about! Get them excited about reading by giving them the gift of books. You can wrap their favorite book or book series and give it to them as a gift, or you can tuck a smaller book into their stockings as a gift from Santa. Regardless of how you decide to give them their new books, they’ll be ready to sit down and read right away.

Family Story Time

No matter how old your kids are, a read-aloud should always be a part of your family’s routine. To keep your kids reading over Christmas break, schedule in a family story time each day. Not only will your kids love listening to you read them a story, you’ll be amazed at how much your family will bond during this time.

Create a Cozy Reading Area

If you want your kids to read this Christmas break, be sure to create a cozy reading corner. This spot should have a cozy place to sit, such as a cushioned chair or a pile of pillows. You can make this reading area more fun by making a reading tent or reading fort! Your kids will love getting away for a little quiet time if you do this.

Make It Fun

By making reading fun, you’ll encourage your kids to read during their Christmas break and beyond. Not sure how to do this? Try turning reading into a challenge or a race. You can challenge the entire family to read as many pages as they can. Keep track of how much each person wins and see how can get to the “finish line” first! You can also have a family read-in. Everyone gets to stay in their pajamas and spend the entire day laying around reading.

What are some ways you keep your kids reading over Christmas break? We’d love to hear from you!

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