Southern Travel: Where to See Stunning Fall Foliage This Fall


Fall is just around the corner and one of the best things about traveling in the fall is that you get to see the beautiful fall leaves and fall foliage throughout your adventure.

Many families and couples enjoy taking a short road trip or vacation in the fall just to see the beautiful colors of fall shine through. In the fall, the southern states experience mild temperatures with low humidity making it the perfect time to travel. 

If you are looking to plan your fall trip and do not want to miss out on seeing those fall colors and beautiful landscapes, these are the best southern towns and states to go to so that you can see the fall foliage.

Where to See Stunning Fall Foliage

Little River Canyon in Alabama

Autumn at the Little River Canyon gives you a beautiful site to see during the season. Little River Canyon is a unique place to visit because the area is full of forestry, waterfalls, bluffs, and cliffs that offer you a variety of ways to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. 

When you visit the Little River Canyon you can walk through the wooded trails and enjoy a quiet picnic in the various areas that are set aside for you to enjoy a nice lunch. With the arrival of fall, you can enjoy those nature walks as you see the fall colors come alive in the forest. The canyon also offers a unique lookout point so that you can see the fall foliage for miles and the waterfalls give you the chance to catch a stunning view of the area.

Three Rivers State Park in Florida

Located in Sneads, Florida (where Florida meets that southwest corner of Georgia), Three Rivers State Park is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but especially during the fall.

The Chattahoochee and Flint rivers come together to form Lake Seminole giving the area a beautiful setting and unique landscape that is nothing short of spectacular. 

If you are looking to stay in the area for a few days, the state park offers rustic cabins and full-facility campgrounds near the lake. While enjoying the fall foliage, you can also take part in a fun fishing excursion or other activities that are available throughout the park.

The Scenic 7 in Arkansas

Boasted to be one of the most scenic drives in America, the Scenic 7 is the first state-designated scenic byways that visitors can travel through. The route is a whopping 290 miles and takes you through the West Gulf Coastal Plain near El Dorado and then through Camden and Arkadelphia before entering the Ouachita Mountains, the Ouachita National Forest, and Russellville.

The rolling terrain is filled with dense pine forests and valleys giving you the opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage for miles. Throughout your journey along the Scenic 7, there are plenty of quaint restaurants and attractions that can be seen and experienced. 

Sweetwater Creek State Park in Georgia

Just minutes from downtown Atlanta, you will find the beautiful and historic Sweetwater Creek State Park. Not just known for its beauty, the Sweetwater Creek State Park also provides you with a look back into time as you visit the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company. The company was a textile mill that had burned down during the civil war and the ruins were left for visitors to see. 

The state park offers plenty of activities for families and miles of acres that will allow you to see the beautiful fall foliage from the land or the water. With rugged hills and rolling rapids of the Sweetwater Creek, you will see nothing but beauty as you enjoy the area.

Do not forget to stop by the 215-acre George Sparks Reservoir while visiting, it is a popular spot for fishing, feeding the ducks, and picnicking. The Visitor Center also offers a variety of exhibits that feature the area’s history, trail maps, and wildlife displays.

Dale Hollow Lake State Resort in Kentucky

Kentucky is a beautiful place in the fall because it is full of forests, rolling hills, and colorful scenery. One of the best places to visit in Kentucky is the Dale Hollow Lake State Resort. 

With a variety of different activities, attractions, and events, the resort offers many ways for you to see the southern fall foliage. Two highly recommend ways to explore the area during the fall are through the horseback riding trails and the motorcycle ride trail. Both will take you on the beautiful scenic routes that the resort has to offer.

Of course, those are not the only two ways to see the fall foliage. The resort offers hiking trails, fishing areas, and more. 

If you are heading out to take a southern vacation this fall, these lakes, resorts, and attractions are some of the best ways to experience the beauty of the colorful season.

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