When (And How) To Level Up Your Pilates Fitness

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on improving core strength through a series of workouts. It uses a variety of techniques, including controlled breathing and muscle movements, to help improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles. Because it is low impact but still works on your strength, cardio, and flexibility, many people turn to Pilates when they want a form of exercise that will help improve their lifestyle while not putting a lot of added pressure on the joints. If you’re already been doing Pilates for a while but want to take your workout to the next level, it’s important to know when and how to level up.

pilates fitness

1. It’s Become Too Easy

Creating a workout routine for yourself – whether as a part of your new year’s resolution or if exercising is something you’ve been doing for a while now, is always fun and challenging. Working up a sweat and feeling that good kind of soreness the day after a workout is why many people choose to work out and exercise. However, if you’ve found that you’ve been finishing up the last couple of workouts without really feeling like you’ve done much – it’s probably time to take it to the next level. If you have experience with using Pilates reformer machines, you’ll know that it can be as simple as increasing the resistance levels on your machine and trying it out that way. It’s a great way to move up to the next level without having to worry about whether or not you’re doing too much at once. However, if you don’t have a reformer machine at home, upping the sets, keeping each position for ten seconds longer, or setting out days where you target specific muscle groups can help.

2. Getting Bored

Sometimes, you just aren’t happy with your workouts, even if you’ve only recently started your routine. If you’re feeling bored with the sets you’re currently doing, it might be that they aren’t challenging enough for you, or that they simply aren’t the kind of exercises you enjoy. Either way – if you’re bored and you’re probably not giving it your all. The good news is, the way to level up your Pilates fitness, in this case, is to simply incorporate new exercises into your routine, or even change it up completely. Think about what kinds of workouts you like. Do you prefer working out in a group with friends? Do you like doing cardio workouts or strength exercises more often? What kinds of muscles do you want to be targeting? Keep these types of questions in mind when designing your new workout routine. The two most important things for any physical activity are that you’re taking precautions to avoid injury and that you’re enjoying yourself. As soon as you figure out what kinds of Pilates exercises really get you going on a psychological level, and commit to doing them – you’ll see an increase in your fitness level as well.

3. You’re Not Seeing Changes

While Pilates can be a great workout, many people find that they hit a plateau after the first couple of months. If you’re doing Pilates as a part of your weight loss journey, this can be especially stressful because all of the sudden your fool-proof plan on losing weight just isn’t working anymore. However, this just means that you have to make it a bit more difficult in order to continue enjoying the gains. For some, this means taking things to the next level by incorporating weights into your workouts. For others, it might mean that you’re just not pushing yourself hard enough to see results. It’s easy to get complacent when you’re working out on your own – but it’s important to remember that the only person you have to push yourself is yourself. Make sure that you’re always giving it your all during a workout session, add some weights, and up the reps and sets to see changes in your muscles and to keep challenging yourself.

4. Losing Motivation

Maybe you’re not seeing the changes fast enough, or maybe you’ve reached your original goals and are finding it hard to keep up with the good work now that you’ve leveled up. It’s understandable that sometimes, people lose the motivation to continue working out, however, this is the perfect time to set yourself up for a new challenge. Maybe your new goal is to increase the number of days that you work out each week, or maybe you want to try a new Pilates workout. As long as you’re challenging yourself and really investing in what exercises make you feel good – it’s more than okay to change things up! Additionally, if you find motivation from working out with others, consider joining a gym or Pilates class to take your workout to the next level. Don’t be afraid to ask a trainer for help, either. Setting yourself a goal and sticking with it is one of the best ways to beat any plateau – so set your sights high and keep pushing forward!

It’s important to remember that everyone hits a fitness plateau at some point. This doesn’t mean that you’re doing your workouts wrong – simply that it’s time to change up your routine! If you feel like the exercises you’re currently performing aren’t challenging enough or if they aren’t making you happy anymore, consider adding weights, changing things up completely, or signing up for a gym membership. Finding new ways to take your Pilates fitness journey to the next level is as rewarding as it is challenging!

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