Why Cleanse Your Skin and Hair with Filtered Water

Many if not most of us tend to believe that the key secret to our beauty is in the usage of premium hair care products. These include highly expensive face creams,  and even what the cosmetics industry refers to as ‘miracle treatments.’ While high-tech moisturizers might be able to boost your complexion a bit and make your hair super soft, but outward beauty can be achieved with something as simple as cleansing your skin and hair with filtered water. Let us check out the core benefits of using aqua (filtered) water to wash your face and hair:

filtered water

Hard vs Aqua Water

Ordinary tap water can be one of the main causative factors of your skin and hair woes. It can cause a buildup of calcium as well as magnesium on your face and hair. This will lead to flaking of the skin, and also make your hair brittle, dry, and frizzy to the touch. However, filtered aqua water is devoid of impurities, bacteria, and salts, so it keeps your hair and face fresh, clean, and healthy. 

It helps you avoid sticky residue all over your body

No one likes to feel all sticky and grimy, especially if they have just stepped out of their shower. Since unfiltered water tends to elicit a negative reaction from your skin and hair, showering with unfiltered tap water might leave a certain residue behind known as soap scum. This is usually due to the buildup of excessive minerals in the water. Sometimes hard water does not adequately remove the soapsuds from your hair and body and your soap and shampoo may not break down properly. In this case, you will need more soap to create sufficient lather, while some of it will be left on the skin. It will clog the pores all over your body and attract grime and dust, thereby leading to pimples and acne.  

It helps to maintain moisture while helping reduce sensitivity

If unfiltered tap water is hard and impure enough, it will dry out your skin, which in turn will lead to various issues and discomforts. For example, you might end up experiencing a lot of dandruff, itching, redness, as well as a certain level of extra sensitivity. The odds are that it is all due to the unfiltered water that you use to wash your hair and face. This is because the impurities left behind on the surface of the skin can cause flakiness and clog pores. In the long run, it will leave your skin feeling very scaly when it is touched. However, filtered aqua water will keep the pores clear and that will mean that the natural oils found on the skin will function properly to keep your skin healthy.

Filtered water will help ensure that your hair is neither dull nor lackluster

As with the skin, so too with your hair. Certain minerals if left unfiltered, from the water supply, can harm your hair and lead to high rates of hair fall. It is very simple really. The excessive buildup from all these harmful minerals will sit on the face and scalp. In time, it will coat your hair, thus weighing it down and ultimately, hiding its very own natural beauty. Apart from that, if you are in the habit of coloring or styling your hair, all of that unfiltered water might alter these treatments and they will fade very quickly. On the other hand, once you purify or filter your water, your products will work much more effectively and your hair will remain shiny, soft, and full of bounce and life. 

Why you should use aqua filters 

Using a water filter system will increase the quality of the water and also ensure that your skin and hair remain in their prime. Such a filter can both filter and clean the water and make it ideal for cleansing and washing purposes for your face, hair as well as the rest of your body. 

In Conclusion

Unfiltered water is sometimes full of impurities and excessive minerals that can harm your skin and face. However, using aqua water filters can help ensure that your skin and hair always remain fresh and radiant, all the time. 

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