What You Need to Know About Motorized Shades

Shades are materials that act as coverings over areas such as windows. They help to shade out sunlight or adjust the amount of air or light which can enter a room. Just like retractable awnings, shades can either be manual or motorized. Manual shades are shades that can be controlled by the pulling of a hand crank. Motorized shades are shades that can be controlled remotely through a motorized system. Some motorized shades even have automatic sensors embedded in their system which open and close the shade according to predetermined presets. 

What You Need to Know About Motorized Shades

Benefits of Motorized Shades

Prior to this period, the majority of the shades in circulation were manual shades but recently homeowners are beginning to appreciate the benefits of motorized shades. Some of these benefits include:

Wireless System

Motorized shades operate an automatic, wireless system usually through the use of remote control. This is beneficial because it eliminates the need for you to have any contact with the shade. Unlike the manual shade where you would have to walk up to where the shade is if you need to make any adjustment to how the shade is set, motorized shades like those at Oakhurstblinds.com afford their owners the luxury of making adjustments to the shade without having to move an inch from where they are. This level of comfort is steadily pushing people to get motorized shades for their houses and offices. 

Lovely Presets

Motorized shades allow you to choose presets which you can use to determine how the shade would operate, the extent to which it would open, and in some, you can even set when the shades would open and when they would close. Those with sensors in their system can even open and close on their own accord according to the presets set in sensors (such as level of light or air in the room). With these features opening the shades according to your specifications will no longer be a struggle. 

Improved Durability

Unlike manual shades which require pulling a crank, motorized shades can open and close on their own accord. This automated system helps to reduce the exposure of shades to the effect of wear and tear as seen in the manual shades due to the constant pulling of the crank. The reduced exposure of the motorized shade to wear and tear reduces the possibility of it getting spoilt, thus elongating its lifespan and improving its durability. This is one of the reasons why motorized shades last longer than manual shades.

General Luxury

As explained earlier, motorized shades operate a wireless system. This wireless system comes with a lot of benefits to the user. For instance, the owner doesn’t have to walk towards the shade and strain to make adjustments every time adjustments have to be made, he can do all that just with the push of a button. Many motorized shades can even be present to open and close in certain manners without the involvement of the owner. This is especially good for shades that are positioned in inaccessible areas or are simply very big. This generally easy system of managing shades can be considered by many as a luxury hence the influx into such systems.


As we all know, safety is paramount. Motorized shades improve the safety and security around you and your family in so many ways. One of the ways is when you are caught up in an emergency or dangerous situation and you need to quickly close the shades to hide or you need to quickly open the shades in order for you to call for help. And you can easily do this with motorized shades because all you need to do is press a button or issue a voice command, unlike manual shades where you would have to run to the shade and start pulling all sorts of things. 

Motorized shades also protect the children in the household because unlike manual shades which have crank cords, there is nothing for the children to hold on to and potentially use to strangle or injure themselves. These safety features are some of the reasons why motorized shades are increasingly being adopted. 

Motorized shades are increasingly taking over from manual shades across millions of homes all over the world. This is because of how durable it is and how it is easy to use. It also comes with amazing presets, improves the general security of the area, and aids in keeping the kids safe from accidents. If you were undecided about getting motorized shades hopefully this should have set you straight.

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