What to Gift Someone Who Really Needs Quality Sleep

What to Gift Someone Who Really Needs Quality Sleep

 Quality sleep is seemingly hard to come by these days. Most of us spend our lives half asleep and half awake, yet when it comes time to go to bed, we’re fully awake and can’t sleep. Some theorize that this is because our generation, more than any other, stares at computer screens and televisions. Others, because we have a worse diet than previous generations. Whatever the cause may be, there are a few solutions. If you have a loved one who is experiencing an inability to sleep, then it might be time to get them a gift they’ll never forget.

In this article, we hope to tell you a few gifts you could consider giving your loved ones, whether they be family or friends, to improve their sleep. We are going to tell you what you can give someone who needs quality sleep as a present. A present that aids sleep will be a present well-received – especially if it works! 

Here is what to gift someone who really needs quality sleep.

What to Gift Someone Who Really Needs Quality Sleep


A sofa bed may not be the most conventional gift to give somebody, but it can definitely be a gift worth giving. Sofa beds improve circulation, which according to the experts from Sleep Authorities, can help you to relax and unwind. The reason sofa beds are so great, circulation aside is because they allow you to sleep at any time of the day and can help you to form a routine in which you do not sleep in your bedroom unless it is night time. Once you condition yourself to only sleep in the bedroom after dark, you will find you get better sleep. Use the sofa bed for napping only!


Again, continuing with somewhat unconventional gifts, if a loved one or friend is suffering from a hard mattress and hasn’t the money to get a new one, you could consider investing in a nice, memory foam [or bamboo] mattress for them. A new mattress will be a gift well-received and one that you will be thanked for, for years to come. Mattresses can be expensive, however, so only splurge on a mattress if you can afford one. You shouldn’t if it’ll be a detriment to your bank account!


Comfortable bedding is another sure-fire way to ensure that a loved one gets a better quality of sleep. You could, if you had the money, consider getting your loved one handmade bedding from an artisan designer. Artisan bedding is very popular at the moment, especially those with fancy patterns and fabrics. Comfortable bedding is a great gift to give and does not have to be too expensive, like the two previous suggestions offered on this page. Just be sure to get the sizing properly, otherwise, your gift might go to waste!

What to Gift Someone Who Really Needs Quality Sleep


British double-agent Guy Burgess once said that pajamas not made out of silk were pajamas not designed for sleeping in. Silk pajamas are, I will concede, very comfortable. If you want to give a gift to a loved one, then a pair of silk pajamas could definitely be a gift worth giving. Silk pajamas are, however, very expensive, due to the nature of their fabric. With that said, shop around the holiday season and you will likely find very reasonably priced silk pajamas. You may be able to pick some up on sale just after the January sales kick into effect.


A speaker with ambient music discs could be a fantastic gift to give, especially to an older relative who struggles with sleeping. Ambient music has been proven to help with sleep – so by investing in one of these discs as well as a speaker, you will be doing your loved one great favor. Ambient music is a great way to get some rest. Be sure to read reviews and find the best CD and the best speaker to ensure that your loved one gets the optimum amount of rest and benefits from your gift.


Sometimes problems with our sleep are a problem with our brains. Attending a meditation retreat, however, could be a great way for your loved one to get some more sleep. Learning to stay in the moment – to be present – can be very beneficial when it comes to improving how much sleep one gets. Meditation retreats are often very affordable and even if your loved one comes back still not being able to sleep, it is a great gift to give and one that they will likely be very appreciative of upon their return. Meditation has been proven to aid with sleep.

What to Gift Someone Who Really Needs Quality Sleep

We hope that you enjoyed the read and benefited from it and hope you come back and join us soon.

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